Cambridge win shows German rowers must be valued highest in pursuit of Boat Race glory

Cambridge win shows German rowers must be valued highest in pursuit of Boat Race glory

A dominant Cambridge performance enabled the light blue crew to record an 82nd Boat Race win over clever-clogs counterparts Oxford in what was the slowest rowing ruckus since 2008.

It took Steve Trapmore’s troops 18:41 to cross the finish line to end a three-year losing run for the overall leaders in this 162-year-old battle for boating supremacy.

Armed with their very own trumpet which they’re not afraid to blow, the news.bwin tipping taskforce tested their punting mettle ahead of the latest renewal and accurately predicted a win for Cambridge. Read more about this glorious foresight right here.

Boasting limited understanding of the intricacies involved with skulls and oars, their decision to back the light blues was formed courtesy of a study in nationalities involved in the Boat Race undertaken the week prior to kick off.

It revealed the lack of Australian involvement in the Cambridge crew coupled with the presence of a German rower, statistically, leant favour to the pre-race underdogs.

Following the latest edition, we updated our study to reveal the best and worst countries to perform in the Boat Race over the last ten years.


Cambridge have now won 57% of the races in which they’ve selected a German, thanks to Ali Abbasi’s efforts on the Thames this year.

This figure provides stark contrast to the 83% of races lost when placing faith in Aussie oarsmen.

On the dark blue side, New Zealander Leo Carrington became the first of his countrymen in a decade to wind up on the losing team, with Oxford’s Kiwis holding a 100% record across the timeframe, prior to this year.

Carrington’s involvement in 2016 allowed New Zealand to displace Canada as the third-most commonly represented country in the Oxford skull, while their Oceanic rivals Australia hold the title for Cambridge.

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