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Basketball — and basketball betting — is one of the ten most popular sports in terms of exposure. Millions of people worldwide watch and analyze basketball odds in the many available leagues. Make basketball bets on today's games on our online sports betting platform.

Results with big numbers

Due to a large number of points per game and the score continuously changing during a game, every basketball game has the potential to turn out a hundred different ways. However, the best and most dominant basketball team tends to win due to the high scoring nature of the game.

However, it is essential for bettors to know the story behind all these numbers. Spending the extra time to get a complete picture of the stats is an investment in your basketball betting success.

Stats are the heart of the game

Basketball is a sport where statistics are crucial both for coaches and bettors making a wager. With only five players on the floor per time at any one time but unlimited substitutions, a game can turn on a sixpence with one player dominating the proceedings.

In most games, there are several lead changes on the scoreboard, and teams dig into the challenge during point sequences. In the final minute, close games usually turn into a madcap circus, with the ultimate winner determined by superior success in the decisive closing few moments, which is why it is often referred to as 'money time'.

Betting on leagues and teams

bwin offers a wide range of bets where you can find many opportunities in terms of value. The most popular league in the world is the National Basketball Association in the USA. Our odds can be used on the 1,230 regular season NBA games that are available, in addition to the playoffs, to make NBA bets.

In Europe, the semi-closed Euroleague tournament is the best on the old continent (all Euroleague bets). Several national leagues like Spain, Italy and Greece are also competitive.

In terms of national teams, the two most wagered competitions are the FIBA World Cup and the Olympic basketball tournament.

Recommended bets in basketball

The most played form of sports betting for a basketball game is the spread bet, like this example of the NBA finals in 2021: Phoenix Suns +3.5 vs Milwaukee Bucks -3.5.

This means that if you bet on a team like the Bucks to beat the spread, they must win by more than 3.5 points. In other words, their winning margin must be 4 points or more. However, if you bet on a team like the Suns, they can win the game or lose by a maximum of 3 points.


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