Live betting on darts

Darts is a pastime that has become a worldwide phenomenon, and our online darts betting site serves up one of the most exciting bar sports.

It's a head-to-head battle between two players, and there's no room for error at the highest levels of darts competition. Players possess a diverse range of skills that come together in a tactical battle of concentration and precision.

There are hundreds of darts matches and tournaments going on around the world. The best matches, featuring the best players, are usually broadcast live on television and can count on a huge audience, who enthusiastically watch every dart each player throws. This creates a festive atmosphere that adds to the overall excitement.

Tips for betting on darts include knowledge of the game, player form and event formats.

Recommended betting on darts

Darts is not a one-dimensional game. There are many online betting options, such as betting on the winner of the match to the one who will finish a round in 9 darts; that is, a perfect score of at least seven 20's triples, a 19 triple and then a 12 double to finish.

Highest check-out

The highest possible checkout is 170, as you can throw two treble 20's and 1 bull to win the round. Finishing on a double is mandatory. The smallest is the double 1.

Handicap betting on darts

At the start of some of the biggest darts tournaments in the world, it is advisable to bet on a player with a given handicap, depending on the number of sets or rounds. Hopefully, these elite players will try to demolish their opponents, but it is a risky way to bet.

Live betting on darts

Dart matches often swing in momentum, and these are often the most dramatic moments. The way a dart game unfolds leaves the opportunity for live betting on the action.

Betting on the PDC World Championship

The PDC World Championship is the big event of the end of 2021 in the world of darts. Bet on the World Darts Championship with bwin. This tournament is held every year, and the favourites of the bettors are the previous three winners: the Welsh Price, the Scottish Wright, and the great Dutchman van Gerwen who has won this competition three times. He has the second-best record behind the legend, Phil 'the power' Taylor.


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