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Live betting on darts

Darts is a hobby that has become a worldwide phenomenon, and our online betting site regularly serves up the odds on this bar sport.

A professional game of darts is a one-on-one battle between two athletes, and there is no room for error at the highest level of dart competitions. Talented players display their accuracy skills in tactical encounters of concentration and precision.

There are hundreds of darts matches and tournaments taking place around the world. The best darts matches featuring the most skilled players on the planet are broadcast live on television and can count on huge audiences that enthusiastically watch every move the players make. This creates a festive atmosphere that adds to the general excitement.

Betting on the big darts events

It is crucial to bet on players with given handicaps, based on the number of sets or rounds, at the start of big darts tournaments such as the World Cup of Darts. Elite players who are fully motivated to demolish their opponents are the ones on which to focus.

Dart matches often swing in momentum, and these usually create the most dramatic moments. Fortunately, the way a dart match progresses allows the opportunity for live betting on the action between legs.

Betting on the PDC World Championship

The PDC World Championship is the main event at the end of the year in the world of darts. Bet on the World Darts Championship with bwin. This tournament takes place every year, and the bettors' favourites are the latest winners: Price from Wales, Wright from Scotland and the great Dutchman van Gerwen who has won this competition several times. He has the second-highest points total behind the legendary Phil 'The Power' Taylor.

Recommended betting on darts

Here are some tips for betting on darts including having knowledge of the game, and knowing player form and event formats.

As far as wagering is concerned, darts is not a one-dimensional game. There are many different betting options online, such as betting on the winner of the match or who will complete a round in 9 darts: a perfect score of at least seven treble 20s, a treble 19 and then a doubles 12 finish is the classic.

The highest possible check-out is 170, as a dart player can throw 2 treble 20s and a bullseye to win the round. Finishing with a double is mandatory, the minimum score being 2 (Double 1).


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