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F1 is the premier level of motor racing, featuring 22 drivers from 11 teams racing at tracks worldwide. From classic venues like Silverstone and Monza to newer favorites like Abu Dhabi and Singapore, F1 is a truly global sport.

F1 betting isn’t just about race day, qualifying on Saturday can also be important as drivers aim to start on pole. Bwin Sports Betting offers F1 odds on the fastest qualifier.

For race day, bwin offers odds on the winner of each Grand Prix, as well as other markets such as fastest lap, podium finish, and top six or ten finish. We also have F1 betting options on first retirement and race completion.

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The Best F1 Drivers

No other motorsport can boast such a rich tradition of legendary drivers. Every driver at the bottom of the pyramid dreams of coming out on top at the checkered flag.

F1 drivers spend much of their lives sitting down, but they are among the fittest athletes in the world. One of the unique challenges drivers face is the repeated G-forces exerted on their bodies both during qualifying and racing.

The speed and beauty of the cars, the bravery of the drivers, the history and the heroes, and most of all — the hard work put in by the entire team, produce a bet-worthy spectacle.

The Best Formula 1 Manufacturers

Formula 1 has the highest speeds, fastest laps and most focused teams in motorsport: nothing goes faster on a race track than a Formula 1 car. F1 teams have impressive budgets and build new vehicles every year. They represent the tip of the technological iceberg of some of the world's largest automotive companies.

The engine in an F1 car is usually sized like a passenger car, but it is much more powerful. The engine absorbs more air and fuel with shorter strokes for the pistons.

F1 Betting Markets

Some of the most popular Formula 1 betting markets include:

-Drivers' Championship Winner: Who will earn the most points in a season?

-Constructors' Championship Winner: Which team will earn the most points in a season?

-Race Winner

-Fastest Lap During Race

-Podium Finish (Top 3)

-Points Finish (top 10)

-First Retirement in a Race

-Fastest Driver in Practice

F1 Odds & Betting Tips: How to Bet on Formula 1 Racing?

By considering the following factors, bettors can make informed decisions and increase their chances of winning in F1 betting.

-Location of the race - Each F1 circuit is unique and presents different challenges to drivers. Some circuits favour faster cars while others require more technical skill to navigate, such as the street circuit in Monaco.

-Current form - Knowing which drivers and teams have been performing well throughout the current season can give an indication of who might win the race.

-Starting grid - If betting on the race winner, it's important to know where the driver will start from, as track position can play a crucial role in the outcome of the race.

-Practice sessions - Observing practice sessions can provide insight into how a driver or team is coping with the track and conditions. This information can give a clue about who might perform well in qualifying or the race on Sunday.

-Performance history - Teams and drivers with reliability issues or frequent retirements might not be the best options for the "first retirement" betting market.

Past 10 Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship Winners

-2023 - Max Verstappen

-2022 - Max Verstappen

-2021 - Max Verstappen

-2020 - Lewis Hamilton

-2019 - Lewis Hamilton

-2018 - Lewis Hamilton

-2017 - Lewis Hamilton

-2016 - Nico Rosberg

-2015 - Lewis Hamilton

-2014 - Lewis Hamilton  

Check The bwin News Page For Formula 1 Stats, Information, and Predictions

For more information about the F1 Drivers’ Championship, punters can refer to the bwin news page. We update this on a regular basis, offering a diverse amount of information and statistics for upcoming races. bwin Sports Betting also has a team of experts making predictions for the races, keeping bettors in the loop throughout the duration of the Championship!

Of course, you can also follow the action live with our live betting, or view information about other Motorsport bets, such as the Formula E and World Rally Championship (WRC).


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