F1 Odds

A global sporting phenomenon with hundreds of millions of fans and punters, Formula 1 is at the pinnacle of motorsport.

It's all in the F1 title: The number one motorsport. Make bets on motorsports on our online sports betting platform. Formula 1 tests the limits of speed like no other motorsport, subsequently F1 is one of the most bet-on sports activities in the world.

The Best Drivers

No other motorsport can boast such a rich tradition of legendary drivers. Every driver at the bottom of the pyramid dreams of coming out on top at the checkered flag.

F1 drivers spend much of their lives sitting down, but they are among the fittest athletes in the world. One of the unique challenges drivers face is the repeated G-forces exerted on their bodies both during qualifying and racing.

The speed and beauty of the cars, the bravery of the drivers, the history and the heroes, and most of all — the hard work put in by the entire team, produce a bet-worthy spectacle.

The Best Formula 1 Manufacturers

Formula 1 has the highest speeds, fastest laps and most focused teams in motorsport: nothing goes faster on a race track than a Formula 1 car. F1 teams have impressive budgets and build new vehicles every year. They represent the tip of the technological iceberg of some of the world's largest automotive companies.

The engine in an F1 car is usually sized like a passenger car, but it is much more powerful. The engine absorbs more air and fuel with shorter strokes for the pistons.

For a few seasons, F1 races have also been held with electric cars. Make bets on Formula E now.

Recommended F1 Bets

The two most popular types of F1 bets are the pole position bet during qualifying and the race winner bet. When betting on Formula 1, you can also bet on who will finish on the podium and who will finish in the top 6.

One of the most common criticisms of F1 is that there is not enough overtaking. To remedy this, a new qualifying format is being tested. It is called sprint qualifying, and it also earns points.

The circuits are all varied

Each F1 track is different. There are street circuits like Monaco, night races, technical races like Silverstone, and desert races. The FIA manages another motor racing competition - the World rally Championship. Make bets on the WRC with bwin.


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