Formula 1 is considered the pinnacle of all motor racing, but several other motor sports are available for bettors on our online sports betting platform.

Betting on Motor Sports

Following sports, in general, is a social activity for fans. It encourages them to mingle with others who have similar interests. In motorsports, bettors find loads of free time on their hands during a race. Therefore, we recommend making live bets.

Betting on Formula E

Formula E is redefining the very boundaries of what a sport can be, through a unique fusion of sustainability, technology and innovation. Formula E cars are powered entirely by glycerine generators - a 100% renewable fuel.

With a cleaner, faster future. Formula E is more than just a series of races — it's a battle for the future. The 24 electrically powered cars are paving the way for the roadsters of tomorrow, with Formula E acting as a competitive platform to test and develop the latest electric technologies.

Formula E race cars reach top speeds of 280 km/h, compared to top speeds of up to 397 km/h for F1. Formula E can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds.

Formula E drivers all race in the same cars, with the same batteries and tires — so the racing is much tighter, making the odds on Formula E very competitive. This competitiveness and the tight circuits make the racing fun, and each race tends to end with different podium finishes.

Betting on the Indy Car

For many bettors, Indy Car is among the best in motorsports because it features both round tracks and road courses. Indy Car drivers work hard with wheel-to-wheel action, which is the toughest test for any driver, even if it's not as fast as F1 races.

Indy cars are made for constant speeds like ovals, so when they go on tracks, their aerodynamics force them to brake earlier and harder before corners, and they have a harder time accelerating. Make bets on the Indy Car with bwin.

In the Indianapolis 500, Indy Car's most popular competition, strategy is crucial. Knowing how to deal with traffic, overtaking, and fuel are all factors that can help a driver to cross the finish line first.


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