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Tennis Betting Odds

The main reason most bettors get involved in online sports betting is entertainment. Watching live sports is really fun, and the excitement is increased when you have laid money on the line.

The nature of tennis complements live sports betting. When changing ends after every second game, players are allowed up to ninety seconds for a break, leaving punters with the opportunity to place a new bet.

Bet on matches all year round

From the preparatory tournaments for the Australian Open in January to the end of the year ATP finals (end of November), the chance to bet on a tennis match is always there.

Tennis brings together hundreds of players competing in major tournaments around the world almost every week for 11 months. It is a near year-round sport that invariably chases the sun away.

Recommended types of sports betting in tennis

When betting on a player, always take into account the surface on which the match is played and the quality of the player's record. When analyzing odds, be aware that most men and women on the circuit prefer one surface over another and have had much more success on their preferred surface.

Grass favours some players, while other players have styles more suited to clay or hard courts. Clay is the slowest of the ATP surfaces, and a hard surface is considered the middle ground.

As tennis is an outdoor sport, the weather plays a significant role in the game. Take these things into account when placing bets.

Conclude by scoring the last point

One of the beauties of the tennis scoring system is that it is very segmented. With the match broken down into points, games, and sets, it is richly measurable. Statistical measurability gives sports betting many opportunities to analyze the market.

To win a tennis match, you have to win the final point. It sounds much like the philosophy of sports betting: You have to keep taking risks to get ahead.

Seasoned players, who have played in high-pressure, high-profile situations before, know that closing a game is a big mental challenge.


The season and the odds on tennis bets are governed by the major ATP tournaments for the Men (in particular, the Masters 1000) and the WTA for the Women. On top of that, there are four major Grand Slam tournaments per season, plus a final end-of-season tournament where the top 8 in the season's rankings compete against each other.

The last Grand Slam tournament of the season is the US Open, and it starts at the end of August. Do you think Novak Djokovic will win the four big tournaments this year? Make your US Open Bets - Men now!

Whether it's the Men's Tour (ATP) or the Women's Tour (WTA), there are several tennis tournaments you can bet on.


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