Formula E

By pitting 11 of the world's leading manufacturers against each other in urban circuits, Formula E promotes the adoption of sustainable mobility in city centers to combat air pollution and mitigate the effects of climate change. Make motorsport bets on our online sports betting platform.

Formula E only travels in densely populated cities actively fighting climate change and reducing air pollution.

Betting on Formula E

Formula E is a motorsport with cars powered by batteries and an electric motor. It became the world's first all-electric international single-seater racing series when it launched in 2014

Formula E cars have an artificially placed ceiling of about 335 horsepower, compared to the 1,000 horsepower of an F1 car. Electric motors are simply not as powerful or efficient as gasoline engines, as they are still new and in development.

No Formula E car has a clutch. Formula E race cars do, however, use a gearbox to make the best use of the power supplied by the battery via the motor. In the first Formula E season, all teams used a five-speed gearbox.

If visually the cars appear similar, it is simply because the chassis is homologated. Instead, the teams focus their R&D efforts on developing other parts of the car, such as the powertrain, gearbox and suspension.

Formula 1 cars are faster (all Formula 1 bets) — although thanks to constant technological innovation, Formula E cars are making great strides.

Betting on a Formula E race

Formula E holds just under 20 races per season and has featured title fights that have sometimes gone down to the final lap of the final race.

Formula E drivers all race in virtually the same cars, with the same batteries and tires. This competitiveness and the city circuits mean that each race is harder to predict. Each stage of the season tends to generate different pole positions with different drivers setting the fastest lap, and this is also the case for podium finishes.

Recommended betting in Formula E

Formula E cars are meant to be agile enough to race efficiently on tight, twisty city circuits that are often much shorter and narrower than an average F1 track. Formula E races last 45 minutes + 1 lap.

Races are often won by drivers who have worked their way through the field. We recommend making live bets.


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