The stats heaped against Shane-O Mac ahead of his Wrestlemania quest to rule Raw

The stats heaped against Shane-O Mac ahead of his Wrestlemania quest to rule Raw

Shane McMahon’s return to the squared circle takes top billing ahead of Wrestlemania 32.

Victory for the boss’ son on the grandest stage of them all will see him assume control of the Raw reigns, but the obstacle he must overcome in order to ascend to the seat of power is an enormous one.

It’s none other than The Undertaker standing in Shane-O Mac’s way and, if the Phenom wasn’t a formidable enough foe, he must beat him in the most dangerous match of them all – Hell in a Cell.

McMahon Jnr has been locked in the steel structure once before, when he teamed with father Vince and the Big Show to take on DX. It wasn’t a night to remember for Shane – he donned the crimson mask and wound up on the losing side.

By contrast, Taker is a stalwart inside the Cell, as depicted below…No wrestler has experienced Hell in a Cell as often as The Dead Man, who contested his 13th skirmish in November against Brock Lesnar.



On that occasion, he lost to the Beast Incarnate, to make it six wins (a WWE high total) and as many defeats from his baker’s dozen bouts (inc. one no contest).

The numbers certainly don’t favour Shane-O Mac, but good’s tendency to prevail in the face of evil when the Cell doors slam closed lends him a smidgeon of hope.

It’s unlikely the AT&T partisans will be on Taker’s back, but few returning superstars have been as well received as Shane McMahon and it’ll be him who the masses want to see triumph.

Good news for the underdog supporters takes the form of 16 fan-favourite wrestles reigning supreme inside the Cell, compared to the 14 whose flourishing brought boos from the crowd.

Perhaps that’s all the believers need to place back McMahon at 83/100, though The Undertaker at the same price looks the better value. Click here for all your Wrestlemania 32 odds at