Juventus the masters in set-piece scrap with Freekickerz

Juventus the masters in set-piece scrap with Freekickerz

After seeing two Freekickerz fail to best Bayern Munchen twosome Xabi Alonso and Dante, the dead-ball duellers sent a one-man delegation to take on the might of Juventus.

Defending the honour of the self-proclaimed set-piece specialists was he known only as Konstantin, who was met at the Serie A kings’ Turin dwelling by no fewer than four Old Ladies.

Simone Pepe, Leonardo Bonucci, Alvaro Morata and Roberto Pereyra tackled the clearly confident challenger in three separate contests, with the Juventus lads doling out a resounding beating.

First up was ‘Four Balls, Four Goals’, in which players were required to place the ball into unguarded mini goals.

The task proved too tough for Konstantin, notching just one from his four attempts before the quartet of Serie A champions made it look painstakingly easy with a full house to take a 1-0 lead.

Next came ‘Centring Your Target’, where the objective was to put the ball through rings of descending size into the goal.

Konstantin, again, failed to deliver and headed into the final challenge 3-0 down after Bonucci drilled through the medium-sized ring for two points.

To finish was ‘The Challenge of Champions’, which entailed scoring in one goal by hitting the crossbar of another stood opposite.

Once more, this proved too daunting an ask for Konstantin, though in his defence, the Juve boys struggled too, until Pepe mastered it with his final effort.