Serie A 2021-22 in Italy

The Italian basketball league is ranked among the top 10 national leagues in the FIBA world rankings. Serie A is a high-level, popular league with experienced players and well-established teams.

Created in 1920, the Italian Liga was reorganized in 1974 into two series: Serie A1 and Serie A2. The Lega Basket Serie A (LBA) is the first level, while the Serie A2 Basket is the lower level. Bet on the a2 basketball series on our online betting platform.

Bet on Italian basketball

Olimpia Milan, whose owner is Giorgio Armani, has a long-term license in the Euroleague. Make bets on Euroleague H Basketball with Bwin.

The Milan team is the richest club in Italy, with the largest number of fans averaging more than 7,000 spectators. This team has the best players and the best coach in the league. Despite this, Olimpia Milano does not dominate Italian basketball. The competitive nature of basketball in Italy means that other Serie A teams often come out on top.

Betting on Serie A basketball

The regular season of the Lega Basket Serie A will see 16 teams compete in a tournament where all teams play each other in a round-robin format. Each team will play 30 games (15 home and 15 away), which means there are a total of 240 Lega A games to bet on during the regular season.

Serie A enters its critical phase with the arrival of the playoffs. The teams that finish in the top eight will qualify for the playoffs, where they play each other in the format of the first team playing the team in eighth, the second playing the seventh, etc. That means we could end up seeing as many as 35 playoff games in these springtime tiebreakers.

Recommended Serie A basketball bets

During the regular season, Olimpia Milano dominates the proceedings in terms of the number of wins. One of the most common and recommended bets in basketball is the total points bet. This bet allows you to bet on the points accumulated at the end of the game for either team.

This bet is usually offered in an over/under format, which means that bettors can customise it according to the expectations of the Lega Basket Serie A game on which they are placing bets.

At the end of the first quarter, or halftime, another recommended bet is to bet live as it allows for a better in-the-moment judgment as to which team is in the ascendancy.


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