Create a customised Premier League table with bwin’s League of Your Own

Did you know that current Premier League leaders Arsenal would be 14th if only goals scored from set-pieces so far this season counted? Or that high-flying Manchester City and Tottenham would be in the bottom half if goals from English players alone were taken into account? Or that Newcastle would be top if games were purely decided by goals from outside the area?

These are just some of the remarkable discoveries that can be made by using our superb new ‘League of Your Own’ tool.

The package, which you can see by clicking here, allows you to reshape the Premier League table based on a huge number of potential variables, all of which you can alter in any way you see fit.

We utilise mass quantities of data from each round of matches and break it down to the tastiest morsels of information.

Find out which sides are dead-ball specialists, for instance, by removing any goals which were scored in open play from the final league tally.

You’ll see just how vital those corners, free-kicks and penalties are to the best-drilled teams – and who needs more work on defending them.

How much does a club rely on its top scorer? Remove the goals he has scored so far this season and see what impact it makes on their league position.

Or perhaps your mate’s club has a bit of a reputation for last-minute winners or equalising goals – why not show them how much worse off they’d be without injury time?

Using the sliders to decide the length of every game, sit back and watch as you witness their team slip down the table.

The bwin League of Your Own provides answers to the kind of hypothetical questions football fans are famously fond of using to defend their own team or attack a rival outfit.

So what are you waiting for? Create your own customised table right here and if you like the results, share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!