Next US President odds: Biden firm favourite for White House
Next US President odds: Biden firm favourite for White House

Next US President odds: Biden firm favourite for White House

The American people go to the polls on November 3 and a lot has happened in the next US President odds since our last preview in March.

Seven months ago, Donald Trump was the slight favourite at evens, with Joe Biden just behind on 11/10, but the latest 2020 Presidential Election betting suggests the Democratic candidate is heading to the White House with an eight-point lead over the current incumbent.


Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan may have caught the imagination of Middle America four years ago but his popularity has waned amid a disastrous Covid-19 policy and a strong Black Lives Matter campaign which has undoubtedly stimulated minority voters in this election.

More than 220,000 have died from the pandemic across the United States and even though Trump was hospitalised with coronavirus, he continues to hold maskless rallies that give the impression he has not learned his lesson.

Almost 60 million Americans have already cast their votes in the presidential election for what is expected to be a record turn-out, many defying hours-long queues across the country, and the polls suggest the Democrats have a big advantage.

In 2016, Trump delivered a message that was tough on immigration and trade, while his attacks on the trustworthiness of unpopular Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton resonated with voters, but the tide has since turned.

That said, Clinton won the popular vote by three million votes in 2016 only to lose overall because of Trump’s performance in a handful of key battleground states which gave him victory via the electoral college system.

Can he pull off another unexpected win? The polls suggest not, but they have been wrong before.

JOE BIDEN @ 9/20

Biden is on the crest of a wave and unlike Clinton has shrugged off all the mud Trump threw his way during a fractious and ill-tempered first debate.

The Democratic candidate has emerged strongly from the coronavirus pandemic and has consistently advocated good practice in order to save lives which has gone down well with older voters.

Clinton also suffered on the back of low turn-outs from black voters four years ago, but early signs are they have been galvanised during this election.

More black voters over the age of 65 have already voted in Georgia than in the whole of the 2016 presidential election and the trend suggests that is happening all over the United States.

However, Biden has to perform well in some of the swing states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona, Ohio, Iowa, Michigan and North Carolina to ensure victory and cannot afford to rest on his laurels.

The exit polls say Biden has big leads in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina which is encouraging for the former vice-president in his bid to win back states like Pennsylvania and Michigan which have not voted for a Republican since George W Bush in 1988.

Other 2020 Presidential Election betting markets

Trump lost the popular vote four years ago and is 7/4 to do so again but be re-elected, but the situation is a lot closer in the betting on which candidate will win the highest number of states, excluding DC.

Biden is the 9/10 favourite to come out on top in that market, with Trump 27/20 and a 25-25 tie priced at 6/1.

For some the race has already been decided and thoughts are turning to the 2024 US presidential election in which Biden and Mike Pence are joint favourites at 6/1.

Whatever the outcome, it promises to be a night to remember for the USA and the world at large.

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