Politics in 2022

Bets on the outcome of political elections are available at bwin and can be opened several years ahead of the voting date.

Each election has its own set of rules, and punters need to be able to judge what might influence the outcome for each event, which remains relatively unique.

Factors that influence a political bet

Several factors can influence the outcome. It can be a scandal, a rumour from the opposition, a news item of the moment, a shocking phrase, the quality of the leader, the campaign promises, the party that supports them, the way the media presents the candidate, and the strength of conviction during the debate.

Recommended betting on politics

Betting on politics is a controversial topic. Political debates are a daily occurrence in the media, and they intensify as elections approach.

There are polls to help bettors, but they cannot guarantee an outcome. Keep in mind that polls don't tell the whole story. They may miss certain segments of the population or negatively estimate turnout, for example.

As with online sports betting, bettors want their candidate or party to win so badly that they overlook their biased opinions and engage in wishful thinking. The key is to keep an objective eye rather than allow your heart to take over.

Depending on the election, we recommend betting against a candidate. In many cases, a recommended bet is to bet on political heavyweights who have a track record or significant resources to carry out their campaign.

Betting on the next election

The next big political event will be the presidential elections in France (all presidential bets in France). With the first round taking place on April 10 and the second round on April 24, 2022, there are two types of political bets available: Who will make it to the second round and who will be the president elected in the end?

At the end of 2022, presidential elections will take place in Brazil. After that, the next major elections will be the US presidential election in 2024 and the next UK Prime Minister in January 2025. Place bets on the winning party in the US presidential election between the Democrats or Republicans on our site.


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