The Christmas countdown to EastEnders death number 109 is on!

The Christmas countdown to EastEnders death number 109 is on!

EastEnders producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins confirmed this week that “someone will die on Christmas Day that we haven’t revealed to anyone”, but that secrecy couldn’t deter the bookies from inviting you to punt on who will pass away.

The early 5/2 frontrunner is Arthur “Fatboy” Chubb, followed by Charlie Slater at 5/1, Cora Cross at 6/1 and Dennis Rickman at 9/1.

A lot of the current drama is being built around the antipathy between Vincent Hubbard and the notorious Mitchell family, though they are perhaps considered too obvious candidates, with Vincent 80/1 and the often-attacked-but-never-eradicated Phil 100/1.

In total, there are 70 different candidates to choose between on the most delicious betting menu this side of the often unpredictable PGA Championship.

If you are eager to get involved, yet unsure who to invest in, you’re in luck because news.bwin hosts the most comprehensive infographic on fictional deaths in E20 that the planet has ever seen to help you identify some potentially profitable trends:
A history of death in EastEnders infographic
It also illustrates that meeting your demise in December is a Walford tradition, as it is by far the most prolific month for EastEnders extinction with an enormous tally of 17 past fatalities.

Alarmingly, Albert Square shows signs of becoming a progressively more dangerous place to set up a home. This mystery Christmas kicking of the bucket will be the soap’s eighth of 2015, which is as many as were witnessed in the five-year period between 1995 and 1999.