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Ice Hockey Odds

Ice hockey is most popular in Canada and Northern Europe, and hockey players are known to be tough athletes. With sharp steel blades under the soles of their feet, they can break bones in rough contact, bleed on the ice, and get hit with sticks or pucks — but nonetheless, nothing stops them.

In our variety of online sports betting, few sports match this level of speed, intelligence and technique.

The fastest sport in the world

The constant action is one of the many reasons why ice hockey is widespread. Everything about the sport is fast-paced, with passes, moves and goals scored at lightning speed.

Hockey players have the ability to control the tempo of the game: they can speed it up, slow it down or make things happen with heavy-hitting or tough fighting for possession, which sometimes leads to fisticuffs.

The NHL is the standard league.

The NHL is the biggest professional ice hockey league in the world, and NHL betting is available throughout the North American season. The regular hockey season runs from October to April, and the playoffs end in June.

The NHL playoffs are among the most gruelling of all major sports. To become the North American league champion, bettors can wait up to twenty-eight games to prove who deserves the Lord Stanley Cup and to see who survives four gruelling playoff rounds and seven months of brutal games during the regular season.

The main types of hockey betting

As is the case with many US sports, the volume of games day in and day out provides bettors with plenty of opportunities to find good value bets.

If you're a football bettor, know that what you've learned about football betting markets also applies to ice hockey betting. This includes the outright winner of a league or cup, the winner of an individual match, the first goal scorer, both teams scoring, plus/minus, the next goal scorer, etc.

Winter Olympics & World Hockey Championship Betting

Ice hockey has been one of the highlights of the Winter Olympics since the 1920s. For many players, winning the Olympic gold medal remains the pinnacle of their athletic career.

The World Ice Hockey Championships are held annually and feature the world's top 16 national teams in the main pool. Containing most of the sport's star players, at this point in time it is a competition for men only. But for how much longer? Maybe not long if the IIHF has anything to do about it.

In the meantime, you can place bets on the World Hockey Championships for men to determine the best men's ice hockey nation.


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