Bundesliga Handball Betting

Result 1X2
Sunday - 5/22/22
SC DHfK Leipzig
Bergischer HC
5/22/22 12:00 PM
SG Flensburg-Handewitt
THW Kiel
5/22/22 12:00 PM

Mens Handball Bundesliga Betting Odds

For men's handball, the 2 best professional leagues are the German Handball Bundesliga called HBL and the Spanish Liga Asobal (all bets on Liga Asobal). Based on their combined dominance of the intra-European Champions League competition, few would attempt to dispute their superiority over other European national leagues.

Betting on the Bundesliga of handball

The dominance of THW Kiel — a team from northern Germany and geographically close to Denmark, has prevailed since 2004. Rare are the seasons when Kiel has not won a trophy. The team has won nineteen titles in the last twenty-eight seasons, including the previous two editions in 2020 and 2021.

The season runs from September to June in two-legged matches for all eighteen teams, with no playoffs at the end of the season. The champion is the one with the most wins.

The top two teams in the league play in the next season in the Champions League, the third and fourth teams play in the EHF European Cup (all European Handball Cup betting), and the bottom two teams are relegated.

Betting on German handball teams in Europe

Since 2009, the four-team finals of the prestigious Handball Champions League is always held in Cologne (all Handball Champions League betting).

By nations, Germany is the most successful country in the Champions League with 20 wins, followed by Spain with 16 wins and then other countries with only three wins.

In the 2000s, THW Kiel became THE team in handball, with four titles won since 2007.

The best teams worldwide from all five continents compete in the Handball Club World Cup, and there has always been a German team in the final since 2015.

Recommended bets in the Bundesliga handball

The sheer competitiveness of the German league makes the Bundesliga different. New teams rise to the top of the league, while others disappear in the middle of the table every year, keeping the tournament unpredictable throughout the season.

The average number of goals in the Bundesliga has been 54.3 to 55.29 per game for the past few seasons.

A recommended bet on Bundesliga handball is to bet on the total number of goals in a match. Betting on/under several goals scored is the second most common type of betting in handball after betting on the point spread.


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