Liga Asobal 2022-23 in Spain

Spain's national teams tend to excel in all categories, and now they aim to make their presence felt in European handball. The men's handball team has participated in the last 4 Euro finals held every two years. Make bets on Handball with bwin.

The teams' budgets in the Liga Asobal range from a little over 400,000 euros to slightly over a million. With these figures, it is very difficult for Spanish teams to keep a player that stands out and compete financially with teams in the best European leagues. At the end of the season, a constant flow of transfers has involved some of the new internationals who, having played for their country. will leave go on to leave the League.

These departures do not affect the performance of the national team, as can be seen year after year, but it definitely reduces the attractiveness and visibility of the internal competitions and the sporting potential of the clubs.

The Spanish league remains an important reference in handball as it is ranked third in the EHF rankings, which guarantees a place in the Champions League and three tickets to the C3 EFH. Bet on the European EHF league with bwin.

Bet on the Liga Asobal

Since the 2010-11 season, Barcelona has been winning the league season after season. In recent years, the Catalan team has also distinguished itself by winning the Champions League and is the only team with more than 10 titles to its name.

The Asobal League is composed of 16 teams that meet in a round-robin format between September and May, playing a total of 30 matches.

The top four teams play a four-way final, and the bottom two are relegated to the Division de Plata.

Betting on side competitions

In addition to the league, Spanish teams also compete in two national cups: the Copa del Rey and the Copa Asobal. The defending champions are also often Barcelona, which has had seasons where the club has won every available title.

The IHF organizes the Handball Club World Cup/Super Globe every two years. FC Barcelona has participated in the last four finals. Together with BM Ciudad Real, these two Spanish teams are the most successful in this competition. Bet on the Handball Super Globe with Bwin.

Recommended bets on Liga Asobal

In the majority of La Liga Asobal seasons, the domination of FC Barcelona is such that the Catalan team has already finished the season with nothing but wins and a hugely superior goal difference. Therefore, we recommend betting on a Barcelona victory with a handicap.


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