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Between the Champions League and the European Cup, there exists the European Handball League. This league gathers teams that have succeeded in the previous season but do not have large enough budgets to make a run at the highest level.

The EHF Champions League remains the European reference competition for club handball for men's teams in Europe. Make bets on handball on our online sports betting platform.

Betting on Handball in Europe

Handball is one of the most popular team sports in the majority of European countries, especially in Germany, France, Spain, the Scandinavian countries and the countries of the former Yugoslavia.

In 1972, when indoor handball was reintroduced in the Summer Olympics, the sport became very popular in Eastern Europe. Place a sports bet online anytime and anywhere.

For many, handball is the "second sport" in Germany after football. The founding fathers of handball were German physical education experts who gained recognition for handball as a distinct sport at the turn of the last century, based on the games of Raffbal and Koningsbergball.

Bet on the European Handball League

Participating teams in the EHF Handball League are usually the winners or finalists of the national handball cups, the champions of the minor leagues, and the teams that finished outside the podium in the major handball championships.

The games of the EHF Handball League are always played on Tuesdays, usually at 18:45 or 20:45.

At the start of the competition, there are two preliminary round-robin matches. The group phase is played with four groups of six teams. During this phase, the teams meet twice for a total of ten matches. The top four teams qualify to make up a total of sixteen teams going forward. In case of a tie, the away goal rule is applied to advance to the next round.

At the end of the competition, the top four teams play a four-way knockout final over two days.

Recommended betting on the Europa League

In terms of the number of finals played, German teams have done the best. Finals involving Bundesliga teams have three to five times more participation compared to teams from other leagues.

We recommend betting on German teams in the European league. Make your Bundesliga Handball bets with bwin.


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