Mens Champions League Handball Betting Odds

Handball is a fast-paced sport, and every season the best teams meet to contest international matches in the Champions League of Handball organized by the EHF (European Handball Federation).

Historically, Spanish (FC Barcelona and Cuidad Real) and German (Gummersbach, Kiel, Magdeburg) teams are the ones that dominate the pursuit of trophies. Why not check out our Bundesliga Handball betting page on our online betting platform?

Betting on the best European Handball teams

Handball Champions League matches take place on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

In terms of the selection of the qualifying teams, the champions from the nine best countries in the EHF rankings get a place, as well as second-placed over the last three years. The remaining tickets are distributed as wild cards based on the quality of a club's facilities or its history.

At this level of infrastructure, the French championship ranks highly. Bet on Starligue where PSG — the club with the biggest budget in the world for a handball club — plays exciting matches and currently dominates the sport in France.

Betting on the Handball Champions League

The group stage is mainly used to make a slight skimming as only twelve of the sixteen teams participating in the Champions League will advance to the next stage. With 16 teams, the competition starts in a form of two pools of eight teams where the last two teams in each group are eliminated. During the group stage, each team plays each other in home and away matches, which means a minimum of 14 Champions League matches per club.

The top two teams in each group are exempted from participating in the playoffs. After the group matches, the competition takes a decisive turn. In the playoffs, the teams positioned between third and sixth place play each other. The winners of the playoffs and the first-placed teams meet in the quarter-finals in May, with the matches being played over two legs with the home advantage going to the higher-ranked team.

The competition culminates in the long-awaited four-way final, which traditionally takes place in Cologne, Germany.

Recommended betting in the Champions League of Handball

During the final matches, the winner often scores at least 30 goals to achieve a victory. Therefore, we recommend betting on high-scoring games.

Another recommended bet is to bet on more goals in the 2nd half. With the higher stakes and the risk of elimination, the last 30 minutes after the break are usually the most lively., so our recommendation is to make handball bets in the second goal-strewn second half.


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