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Mens Champions League Handball Betting Odds

Handball is a fast-paced sport, and every season the best teams meet for international matches in the Champions League of Handball organized by the EHF. Make handball bets on all the handball competitions that are available at bwin.

Historically, Spanish (FC Barcelona and Cuidad Real) and German (Gummersbach, Kiel, Magdeburg) teams are the ones that dominate the pursuit of trophies.

Bet on the best European Handball teams

The group stage is now over, and the playoffs have determined the eight best European teams of the season.

The quarterfinals of the Champions League are played in a two-legged match in May, and then the winners will play the semi-finals in knockout matches in June. Since 2010, the four-way final is held in Cologne.

For the two leaders, Aalborg Handball (Group 1) and Lomza Vive Kielce (Group 2) as well as the two runners-up THW Kiel (Group 1) and FC Barcelona (Group 2), the entry into the quarterfinals of the EHF Champions League was already a done deal after the group stage.

Betting on the 2021/22 Handball Champions League

After the draw, the quarterfinal line-ups look like this:

Kiel (all Handball Bundesliga bets), the winner in 2020, will play Paris Saint-Germain — this last match being a repeat from last season.

Defending champions Barcelona and Flensburg met this season in the group stage. The Spanish team won both games (21-25 and 29-22).

Still looking for their first title after losing finals in 2015, 2016, and 2018, Telekom Veszprém will meet Denmark's Aalborg Håndbold, finalists last season and in their ninth quarter in ten editions.

Montpellier Handball (all Starligue bets), champions in 2018, will face ŁOMŻA Vive Kielce, who impressed by lifting the trophy in 2016 and winning their group this year.

Recommended bets in the Handball Champions League

During the playoffs, seven of the eight wins came with the winner scoring at least 30 goals. Therefore, a recommended bet is to bet on high-scoring games.

Another recommended bet is to bet on more goals in the 2nd half. With the higher stakes and the risk of elimination, the second halves should be more lively. Make handball bets with more goals in the second half.


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