Curling is experiencing a popularity boom as rinks worldwide are welcoming record numbers of people. Curling was once again one of the most popular sports during the Winter Olympics.

The sport of curling is all about accuracy. Both teams slide "stones" across the ice toward a target area and aim to accumulate the highest score in a game in order to determine the winner. This target area, called "the house," is segmented into four homocentric circles. Curling ice is about 3 centimeters thick and does not have a smooth surface, as it is pebbled with small lumps of ice. The ideal temperature for curling on ice is between -3° C and -7° C.

Over time, the quality of the stones, ice and other equipment has gradually improved, making curling a discipline where everything was decided by the power of the shot and a bit of luck. An incredibly tactical and complex game, curling is often referred to as "chess on ice". Speaking of chess, you can place bets on chess via our online sports betting platform.

Curling Betting

The curling season includes many World Curling Tour events and elite Grand Slam tournaments. The main events are the World Curling Cup and the European Championships.

The top national championship is Canada's. The men's tournament, called The Brier, was first played in 1927 and is now held annually, bringing together the best teams from different Canadian provinces.

Recommended Curling Betting

Recommended handicap betting is ideal when a team has a significant advantage or disadvantage against their opponents.

Curling is one of those sports where teams play to the last gasp in order to determine the winner, and in the event of a tie after the tenth volley, an extra decisive volley is awarded. Therefore, sports betting usually offers two options with no possibility of a draw. We also recommend betting on the winner of the match. Make online sports bets at bwin.

Betting on Curling at the Olympics

The Winter Olympics attract thousands of bettors from their respective countries. Ten nations all meet in the group stage, and then the top four nations compete for the medals in men's singles, women's singles and mixed doubles. Use the bwin online platform to place bets for the Winter Olympics.


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