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The Olympic Games are those magical moments of the season when an athlete or a team is no longer fighting for themselves but for everyone involved. Winning a medal for your country and giving happiness to its inhabitants is an incredible feeling.

At each summer and winter Olympics competition, athletes from the four corners of the world come together to determine who will be the best in their discipline. However, the modern Olympic Games reinventor, Pierre de Coubertin, says: "The most important thing is to participate".

However, it aims for utopia at every Olympiad to call for respect and launch an Olympic truce. The Olympic Truce is a traditional call to silence the guns for the duration of the competition and build a strong, sustainable and inclusive global armistice.

Forty-two disciplines are present for the summer games and 12 for the winter games. You can make a lot of live bets in relation to around 400 events. These are all sports betting opportunities available on the bwin platform.

The world's best athletes in one place

There is nothing more inspiring in the world than the Olympics. It is the biggest sporting event on the planet. It is incomparable with the tournaments or competitions that sometimes millionaire athletes do during their careers.

Apart from team sports, which reward group performance, athletics betting is the most popular, as is betting on the outcome of swimming events.

Betting advice on the Olympics

In the Summer Olympics, One of the nations that win the most medals regularly is the United States. So it's always tempting to bet on an American athlete to win a world title.

Depending on the type of sport, certain countries dominate a particular sport or their national sport, such as table tennis in China, rugby in New Zealand, wrestling in Mongolia, or skiing in Austria. Before bets on the Olympic games in a particular sport, it is always good to know the history of the medals to better understand the rest of the competition.

Where will the next Olympic Games take place?

In theory, the Olympics take place every four years.

The next Summer Olympics will take place in Paris in 2024 and, after that, in Los Angeles in 2028. The next Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing in 2022 and Milan in 2026.


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