Chess Betting Odds

A straight chess bet is as simple as it gets. You bet on who you think will be the winner at the end of the match. Make sports bets on chess, which remains one of the most captivating board games around.

There are many chess competitions to bet on, the most famous of which is the World Chess Cup. This prestigious competition is held every two years and is organized by FIDE (all bets on the FIDE Grand Prix), which also has its own tournaments.

Recommended Chess Betting

Consider the Elo rating which allows you to quickly see the level of two players in a chess game. Based on the concept of relative strength, the better the player, the higher his Elo points.

A recommended bet is to bet on the highest-ranked chess player. However, each player has their own strategy and variation. Depending on whether a game opens with a Russian defence, an English opening, a Spanish game, a Catalan game or the queen pawn in the classical or anti-Marshall variation, the possibilities of developing a chess game are almost infinite.

For more information, we advise looking at the previous head-to-head games.

Bet on the 2023 world championships

International grandmaster, No. 1 in the world in Elo rating, and reigning world champion, Norwegian, Magnus Carlsen is the favourite to win a sixth consecutive world championship in 2023.

However, his confidence could be shaken after a 16-year-old chess prodigy, India's Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa, who became the youngest international master at the age of 10, beat Magnus Carlsen in a 39-move rapid chess tournament came into the mix.

The defending champion will face the winner of the 8-player Candidates tournament in the final (all Candidates tournament bets).

Bets on chess-playing nations

Grandmaster (GM) is the highest title or ranking a chess player can achieve.

The title is the badge of the game's super-elite, a recognition of the greatest chess talent on the planet, who has been tested and proven against a group of other similarly talented players in the world's most difficult competitions.

FIDE has so far recognized less than 2,000 GMs out of the millions who play chess in the world. The vast majority of GMs are men. Russia (and the former USSR) has produced the most GMs in the world, followed by the US and Germany.

More recently, India became a chess powerhouse in the 2000s and now has over 70 GMs.


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