LEN 2022 Champions League

The Champions League, organized by the European Swimming League, is the European competition for top professional water polo clubs with teams from 18 different countries.

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Water Polo Betting

Professional water polo is played in many southern and eastern European countries such as Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Russia, and Spain, with the LEN tournament of the Champions League played out by the best teams.

The basic characteristics of the elite water polo player include high levels of strength, good swimming speed and low body mass, as well as specific technical and tactical abilities. Make your bets on water polo.

Water polo is a full-contact sport. This means that players are almost always in physical contact with each other. In order to defend against an attacking player, the defender keeps at least one hand on his player at all times.

Betting on the Water Polo Champions League

The Champions League starts with a preliminary phase comprising three qualifying rounds. In the first two rounds, teams are grouped together in the same pool for a few days and compete against each other with about two games per day. The best teams advance while some of the rest are drafted into the EuroCup of Waterpolo.

The sixteen qualifiers then play a group phase. The teams are separated into two groups of eight with two-legged matches for a total of 14 matches.

The group stage of the Champions League will end in mid-May. The top four teams from groups A and B will qualify for an 8-team final which traditionally takes place in Belgrade, Serbia.

The first of the group will play the fourth of the other group. Then the second team plays the third. In the 8-team final, the matches are knockout.

Recommended betting on the Water Polo Champions League

Several clubs have regularly reached the semi-finals of the Water Polo Champions League in recent seasons. The two top national Water Polo leagues are Serie A1 in Italy and the Országos Bajnokság commonly abbreviated OB I in Hungary.

The Italian club Pro Recco is the team that has won the most titles and played the most finals. We recommend betting on the teams that have a winning DNA over several seasons. As the matches are divided into four periods, a recommended bet is to make live bets during the rest periods.


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