Water Polo
Water Polo
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Water Polo

Considered one of the most difficult sports to master, water polo requires a combination of stamina, strength and the ability to fight against tough opponents. The playing "field" is a two-metre deep pool.

Water polo is intense because it requires both aerobic (for endurance) and anaerobic (for sprints) capacity.

The action in water polo takes place both above and below the water, and it is a sport that can be extremely violent, as indicated by its most serious offence which is simply labelled "roughing". At the end of the match, it is common to see an abundance of red scratches on the neck and arms of the players.

Betting on Water Polo

There are similarities between water polo and other sports; like basketball, everyone plays defence or offence. There is a centre, a guard and point guard, and outside shooters with the ball in almost constant motion.

Like field hockey, you have to be constantly on the move to create shooting angles. In football, the only way to score is to beat the goalie. Like chess, you have to solve a puzzle while outwitting your opponent. Water polo incorporates both aims, but players have to do it in water without touching the bottom of the pool for 32 minutes at a time.

A good goalkeeper and a goal scorer are the two key positions to bring victory.

During the World Aquatics Championships, which bring together the best swimming nations, you can place bets on the World Water Polo Championships.

Betting on the Champions League of Water Polo

Organized by the LEN, the Champions League of Water Polo is the European competition of top professional water polo clubs. Find bets on the Water Polo Champions League on our online betting platform.

It is a difficult competition to win, and for almost fifteen seasons, no team has managed to retain the title the following season.

The national leagues of reference in water polo are the Italian Serie A and Spanish División de Honor leagues. Even for the teams of these prestigious leagues, navigation to the title is no easy thing.

Betting on the Women's EuroLeague of Water Polo

The Women's EuroLeague of Water Polo offers the best of women's water polo, with clubs from Spain, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Russia as headliners. Olympiacos is, by far, the most successful participant in the current field as they have displayed this trophy in their showcase many times.

Place your bets on the Water Polo EuroLeague F on our online sports betting platform.


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