Water Polo
Water Polo
Result 1X2
2 Way Handicap
Jug Dubrovnik
VK Jadran Split
Tomorrow / 4:30 PM

Water Polo in 2022

Considered one of the most difficult sports (all sports betting) in the world to master, water polo requires a combination of stamina, strength and the ability to fight against frighteningly tough opponents. The playing field is a pool with a depth of two meters.

Water polo is intense because it requires both aerobic (used for endurance) and anaerobic (used for sprints) capacity.

It requires skill above and underwater, and at the end of the match, players suffering from red scratches from the neck to the arms are common. It is a sport that can be so brutal that its most serious offence is simply called "roughing".

It's not necessarily physical toughness that naturally comes to mind when people think of the sport; water polo encompasses much more.

Betting on Water Polo

There are many similarities between water polo and other sports. For example, in basketball, everyone plays defence and offence. There is a centre, a guard, a point guard and outside shooters with constant ball movement.

Similar to field hockey — you have to be constantly on the move to create angles for shots. Like football, the only way to score is to beat the goalie. Like chess, you try to solve a puzzle while outwitting your opponent. However, in water polo, you do it all in the water, without touching the bottom of the pool — for 32 minutes at a time.

It is important to remember that a good goalie is key in leading the team to victory. Therefore, you should bet on the team with the most skilled goalie in your water polo betting.

The national competitions of reference in water polo are the Italian Serie A and the Spanish División de Honor.

Betting on the Champions League of Water Polo 2021-22

Organized by the LEN, the Champions League of Water Polo is the European competition of top professional water polo clubs (all bets on the Champions League of Water Polo).

It is a tough competition to win, and for almost fifteen seasons, no team has managed to retain the title the following season. This season, none of the four groups promise easy sailing — even for the favourites.

Betting on the 2021-22 Women's Euro League

The EuroLeague offers the best in women's water polo, with clubs from Spain, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Russia as headliners. The Water Polo EuroLeague is the most prestigious trophy in women's interclub competitions (all bets on Water Polo EuroLeague F).

Olympiacos is, by far, the most successful participant in the current field as they have hung this trophy in their showcase six times. They won the silverware recently in 2015 and 2021 and were finalists in 2017 and 2019.


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