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The snooker season kicks into high gear in November with the first event of the Triple Crown Series - the UK CHampionship. The other two major events are the World Championship and the Masters. Place your bets on the Masters of Snooker with bwin.

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The maximum break is a break totalling 147 points. It is the highest possible split in a single round. A player compiles a maximum break by potting the 15 reds with 15 blacks, scoring 120 points, followed by the six colours for 27 more points. The opposing player doesn't get a chance to visit the table at all.

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The World Snooker Championship is the most important snooker tournament. Prepare now your bets on the world snooker championship with bwin.

As mentioned earlier there are another two major tournaments, the UK Championship and the Masters, and generally, the UK Championship is considered the second most important of the three, although most snooker players, would probably disagree. For example, the Masters, although not an open tournament, is just a class of its own with a special atmosphere and huge prestige, as only the top 16 players in the rankings are allowed to play in it.

With the UK Championship being played in a 128-player format, "strength in depth" is what lies behind the most surprising results, and without the dominance of one or two individuals, it favours the underdogs.

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With a match length of the best-of-11 until the final, the UK Snooker Championship has lost some of its reputation. A recommended bet is to favour players who hit peak form at the time it's needed rather than slogging through long matches.

The UK was at Masters level when it was played to the best of 17 in each match, followed by a best of 31 final. The average audience for the evening session remains strong at around 3.1 million TV viewers.


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