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Snooker is a year-round sport for spectators and bettors and includes a worldwide tour offering many betting opportunities. As far as the global popularity of online sports betting is concerned, snooker has been welcoming growing audiences for several years.

Like darts, snooker was revived by Barry Hearn in the mid-2010s to make the sport more attractive for spectators and bettors.

Betting on Snooker

As a sport, snooker needs many elements to be coordinated to get the best result. First, there's the technical side of the game, which involves the things players can physically control, such as position or approach to the shot.

The other aspects are more emotional, with factors such as the stress of major events and potting a ball without missing it — you have to picture the shot before you make it.

Betting on major tournaments

The best players in the world dream of winning The Triple Crown, which hasn't been won in a single season since 2003. To achieve this feat, a player must win the Masters, the World Championship, and the UK Championship — the three most prestigious snooker tournaments on the planet. Work out your bets on the UK Snooker Championships with bwin.

This trio of majors, however, is just the icing on the cake. Once a predominantly British game, snooker has rapidly expanded around the world. There are eight other ranking events - three in Germany, Wales, Australia, and five in China. All ranking events include an earlier qualifying round, excluding the top 16. Make bets on the snooker Masters on our online sports betting platform.

Recommended betting in snooker

There are three main types of bets in snooker: who will win a tournament, for which you have to analyze the draw (often full); who will win the first set of a match, and finally, the best of seven bets.

With such a busy schedule, few players can remain in top form throughout the season. But the full-annual program offers those outside the top 16 a chance to thrive when the big names show a dip in form.

Watch and learn from qualifiers and minor events to spot emerging players and to determine their styles. For some, strength lies in prolific break-building. If they struggle to make 50 in the early rounds, it's logical to conclude that they are not on top of their form. When they score large breaks early on, bet on them. Other players tend to be tacticians and scrappers who have to work hard in order to maintain a decent ranking.


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