Snooker Betting Odds

Snooker is a year-round sport for bettors and includes a worldwide tour offering many betting opportunities.

Watching a game of snooker is always more exciting when there is a bet involved. As far as the worldwide popularity of online sports betting is concerned, snooker has been gaining in popularity for several years.

Like darts, snooker was revived by Barry Harn in the mid-2010s to make the sport more attractive for spectators and bettors.

Betting on major tournaments

The best players in the world dream of winning The Triple Crown which hasn't been won in a single season since 2003. To achieve this feat, a player must win the Masters, the World championship. and the UK Championship — the three most prestigious tournaments on the planet.

This trio of majors, however, is just the icing on the cake. Once a predominantly British game, snooker has rapidly expanded around the world. There are eight other ranking events, three in Germany, Wales, Australia and five in China. All ranking events include an earlier qualifying round, excluding the top 16.

English Open

The English Open 2021 will take place in early November in Milton Keynes. The current titleholder is Judd Trump. He is ranked number two in the world behind Mark Selby and ahead of Ronnie "Rocket" O'Sullivan.

World Championship

For the fourth time in his career, Mark Selby is the new world champion after beating Shaun Murphy in the final of the World Championship 2021. The competition brings together the top 16 in the world rankings in April in Sheffield.

UK Championship

Australian Neil Robertson has won three of the last eight UK snooker championships and is the current titleholder.


In 2021, Yan Bingtao won the Masters on his debut. He beat John Higgins in the final 10-8. He is 21 years old and is one of the new generation of players. His development will be a must to consider for the smart bettors.

Recommended betting in snooker

There are three main types of bets in snooker: who will win a tournament for which you have to analyze the draw (often full); who will win the first set of a match, and finally, the best of seven bets.

With a busy schedule, few players can stay in top form throughout the season. A full-annual program offers those outside the top 16 a chance to thrive when the big names may lack practice or interest.

Watch and learn from qualifiers and minor events to spot emerging players to determine their styles. For some, their strength lies in prolific break building. If they struggle to make 50 in the early rounds, it's logical to conclude that they are out of form. When they score large breaks early on, bet on them. Others tend to be tacticians and scrappers who do the work nonetheless to maintain a high rank


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