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Betting on Sky Jumping

Ski jumping is a winter sport where competitors aim to achieve the most perfect jump after sliding down a specially designed curved ramp on their skis. Make bets on ski jumping with Bwin.

Betting on Ski Jumping for Men

The in-run normally has an angle of 38 to 36 degrees, which then curves into a transition. The last part of the run, the take-off, usually has an angle between 7 and 12 degrees before take off.

By turning their skis and body into what is essentially a wing, ski jumpers are able to fight gravity and stay in the air for five to seven seconds as they travel the length of a football field in the air. With their arms stuck at their sides, head forward, they form less air resistance.

Advances in science and technology have been progressively implemented in speed sports, particularly in ski jumping. Aerodynamics plays a vital role in overall performance. Observing all these technological advances employed by ski jumpers, make sports bets.

Each run has a calculated and marked line known as the K-line. Jumpers strive to try to land beyond it if they can. Point additions or deductions are made for each meter landed above or below the K-line. There are other considerations that the judges make as well, such as flight technique and landing.

Rarely has an innovative concept been fully accepted as quickly as the new laser line in ski jumping for spectators and bettors. The so-called "to beat line", which is projected onto the landing area and indicates the distance an athlete must jump in order to take the lead, has quickly become a crowd favourite.

Betting on the Ski Jumping World Cup

For many years, the individual ranking of the ski jumping world cup has never had much impact on the final winner However, some favourites regularly stand on the podium at the end of the season, jumpers like the Polish Kamil Stoch and the Austrian Stefan Kraft.

Some nationalities dominate the Nations Cup, like the current titleholder, who is Norwegian. Germany, Finland and Japan often manage to get a ski jumper in the placings. During the competition, make live bets on our online betting platform.

Betting on the tour of the four jumps

The Ski Jumping World Cup takes place at two ski jumps in Germany (Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen) and two in Austria (Innsbruck and Bischofshofen). This four-hop tour is one of the most prestigious competitions of the sport.


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