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Ski Jumping

It might defy logic why someone would hurl themselves down a slide on a snowy mountain, only to be thrust into the air hundreds of metres above ground, however, ski-jumping has been a part of the Winter Olympics since 1924 and it has continued to grow in popularity and stature ever since. The annual ski-jumping calendar is packed with great tournaments and the 2024 looks set to be another exciting year on the ramps. At bwin you’ll find great odds, when you place a bet on any of our featured Winter tournaments such as the annual FIS World Championship, the Nordic World Ski Championships as well as the Four Hills Tournament, which takes place in Germany and Austria.

Who are the current ski-jumping stars?

Ski-jumping originally started in the snowcapped mountains of Norway, when the soldier Olaf Rye is said to have jumped 9.5 metres. The sport has naturally evolved since and although the Norwegians have continued to produce some of the best ski-jumpers in the world, other countries with a similar passion for Winter Sports have managed to foster their own skiing talents. The current stars on the scene are arguably Ryoyu Kobayashi from Japan, the Austrian Stefan Kraft, Kamil Stoch from Poland plus Marius Lindvik and Maren Lundby who are both from Norway. However, in ski-jumping a lot can happen and there is always room for an underdog to snatch a medal, so don’t miss any of ski-jumping's top events!

Why bet on ski-jumping?

At first glance, ski-jumping may seem fairly straightforward, but the techniques and the skills required, as well as the point-scoring from the judges makes this sport great for betting. No one has scored a perfect score since 2015 and no jumper has won the World Cup consecutively since 2005. This means that there are plenty of opportunities to pick your own favourite and when you place a bet on ski-jumping at bwin, you’ll definitely get good odds on the jumper, you think will win.


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