South Africa Rugby Tournament

One of the oldest rugby competitions in the world, the first Currie Cup matches were held in 1889. It was not officially named the Currie Cup until 1892. The winning team receives a gold trophy known, of course, as the Currie Cup - the Holy Grail of South African rugby. On our online sports betting platform, make bets on Rugby Union.

Betting on the Currie Cup

The Currie Cup is the most important provincial rugby union competition in South Africa. Franchises from different regions of South Africa participate in the tournament every year. Each team (Sharks, Western Province, Bulls, Lions, Pumas, Griquas, Cheetahs) represents a province or particular region.

SA Rugby has announced plans to host a second edition of the Champions Match, a match featuring players from all seven Currie Cup teams playing against strong opposition. Fans will have the opportunity to choose their teams through various voting methods. A new addition to this year's match is that fans also have the chance to select the coach to bet on.

There is also a lower-level Currie Cup, with the winner of this season going on to compete in the Currie Cup.

Betting on a Currie Cup match

Teams play each other during the winter months through to the spring. At the end of the regular tournament, after approximately 14 days of rugby, the top four teams advance to the semi-finals, which are played on the home ground of the top two teams. The final is played on neutral ground.

The further the season progresses, the more highly prized the places in the final four will be. When betting on a Currie Cup match, one must also consider the level of motivation to qualify for the title.

The South Africa Rugby Union has removed the Super Rugby franchises to join the United Rugby Championship alongside teams from Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. The Currie Cup is played alongside the Pacific Super Rugby (all Super Rugby betting), bringing together the best New Zealand and Australian teams since the departure of the South African franchises in 2020.

Recommended Currie Cup betting

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The 1980s are often referred to as the golden age of Currie Cup rugby. Although it has given way to the more prestigious Super Rugby over the past 25 years, the Currie Cup is known to bring out young talent with imposing physiques, and it remains a popular tournament among South African fans and bettors.


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