International Rugby Betting

Rugby XV as we know it today celebrates more than 200 anniversaries since the beginning of the sport.

During several periods throughout the season, in addition to the championship, international rugby matches are organized.

To give you an indication of the outcome of a match, rugby bettors can compare the level of the teams through a ranking system operated by World Rugby. The results of matches usually closely reflect these rankings.

Betting on Rugby Test Matches

Rugby union test matches are always the highlight of any rugby betting season.

Since no major titles are at stake, this allows world rugby nations to test themselves against each other while being under less pressure. As a general rule, the northern hemisphere nations host tours for the southern nations when the season ends around June.

For the southern hemisphere nations, led by New Zealand, South Africa and Australia, the European tours take place at the end of the calendar year. In both cases, it should be noted that the players who travel often arrive at the end of a gruelling season with their clubs and are then subject to a climatic shock. For The European nations, they arrive smack bang in the middle of southern hemisphere winter. These are factors to consider when betting on international rugby matches.

Recommended betting on international rugby

Simply backing the highest-ranked team in a given match will most often produce a winning bet. However, the odds on the dominant team will not be generous, especially if there is a large gap between the two teams.

When there is a very large gap between two games (say, Australia vs Georgia), you have the opportunity to make the most of the handicap markets. Just be sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast for the match; rain, cold and wind are likely to reduce the winning team's score, even if it has little effect on the outcome of the match.

Rugby Competition Betting

Held every four years, the Rugby World Cup is the centrepiece of rugby union. Bet on the Rugby World Cup on our online betting platform — a highlight for all rugby fans.

Six Nations bets are open for the best of international rugby in Europe. Every season, between February and March, the six best men's and women's rugby nations in Europe battle it out for supremacy against each other.


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