Betting on the Rugby World Cup XIII

Following the postponement of the 2021 competition with the withdrawal of nations such as Australia and New Zealand, the organizers of the Rugby World Cup XIII (RLWC) have now confirmed the dates ofor2022, which will take place for the sixth time in England. The next edition in 2025 will be held in France. Make bets on Rugby 13 on our online betting platform.

13-a-side Rugby World Cup Betting

A newly revised schedule for the tournament has been confirmed by the organizers, with the tournament starting on October 15 and concluding with a final in Manchester on November 19— just before the start of the Football World Cup in Qatar.

Among the 16 nations that will participate in the competition, eight were automatically qualified for previously participating in the quarterfinals of the 2017 edition. They also benefit from being placed in the first two hats. This is a form of protection to allow the best teams on paper to play at least two group matches out of three with the status of being favourites.

The other eight nations had to go through qualifications, for example, Wales and France, who reached the final of the European tournament.

Betting on the teams from the Pacific and European zone

The Asia-Pacific and Europe zone have seven representatives each, the vast majority with 14 out of 16. The last two tickets are for Lebanon from the Middle East Zone and Jamaica from the Americas Zone. The Pacific and Europe Zones are the biggest providers of talent. Only these two continents have managed to participate in a semi-final.

The formula of the Rugby World Cup is rather simple. The top two teams from four groups of four nations qualify for the quarterfinals. To advance past the group stage and win a quarterfinal is something exceptional as only eight nations have participated in a semifinal since 1954.

Recommended bet on the winner

Since the inception of the competition, there have been only three winners and five finalists.

The two nations widely favoured are Australia, which has won 11 World Cups, and New Zealand. We should expect a clash between these two nations in the semi-finals if the logic runs to form. Over fifteen editions, only three nations have lifted the trophy. Great Britain has won three times, but since 1992 each country of the United Kingdom plays separately.

The Australians benefit from a very competitive national competition. Place your bets on the NRL.


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