NASCAR Betting Odds

NASCAR is a popular sport in the United States, especially in the south. To put it into perspective, big races happen almost every weekend of the year all over the country, leading up to the end of the season when the NASCAR Cup champion is finally crowned.

Motorsport excellence in the USA

NASCAR bettors can bet on the winner of each of these races and the winner of the NASCAR Cup championship (all NASCAR Cup Series bets). This is the most competitive championship, followed by the Xfinity and the Truck Series.

The vast majority of the races (34 out of 36) are run on an oval track between 1.6 kilometres and 3.2 kilometres long with banked corners. The inaugural race is traditionally the Daytona 500 in February, with the end of the season coming in November.

The first part of the season consists of 26 races. After these races, the top 16 drivers qualify for the NASCAR playoffs known as the Chase — a 10-race series that determines the Cup Series champion.

Recommended Betting in NASCAR

During a race, chances are several negative factors can come into play when deciding who will win out of the 40 drivers on track. An accident, mechanical failure or even a mistake on the pit road can derail a driver's chance of winning.

Since pile-ups are fairly common, we recommend betting on the season winner since these bets can also have smaller fluctuations throughout the year. One race does not derail an entire season until the playoffs begin.

Betting on NASCAR in 2022

The 2022 NASCAR Cup season is already being touted as a monumental change.

NASCAR bettors expect this season to be the one that takes these races into a new era of innovative cars with the stars pushing them to their limits.

So it's no surprise that there has been considerable movement in the driver and team market. Brad Keselowski and Kurt Busch are among the elite drivers who have switched seats for the upcoming season.

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