MotoGp Betting Odds

Although going fast in MotoGP is crucial, it is precision that enables a rider to win a race. In motorcycle racing, that means maximizing your lean angle. That is why you see MotoGP riders appearing to defy gravity in the tightest corners of a track as they reach a bank angle of up to 64 degrees from the vertical — serious contact extremely close to the ground at very high speeds. MotoGP can sometimes see five riders entering a corner together, with the spectator at home having no idea who will win. As an adult who places sports bets, there is no better place than bwin to enjoy sporting events.

No margin for error in Moto GP betting

The margins of error are considerably finite in MotoGP. To put the risk into context, the contact area between the road and each tire is approximately the same size as a credit card — not something you want to imagine at more than 200 km per hour. Moto GP sports betting is exciting, and there are many factors to consider in forecasting the winner of a race.

It's all on the pilots' wrists

MotoGP has no team radio, and — hallelujah — no pit stops. As a result, the race is much purer, uninterrupted, and entirely driven by pilot skill rather than just strategy. The only information relayed to the team riders is via a pit panel, which they have a momentary glimpse of as they flash down the pit straight line.

Betting on Moto GP is exciting

We don't know about you, but when we watch sports, we love when things are happening. The more happening it is, the more fun it is. If we were to measure it on a fun meter, MotoGP would be off the scale. Additionally, Moto GP bets have been incredibly uncertain for several months, with an assortment of riders winning different races.

On top of that, MotoGP has fiery characters. There are sometimes skirmishes between the riders during the press conferences and the celebrations of often almost ridiculous victories.

No one wants to see injured riders, but you can't help feeling anything but respect and awe every time you watch a rider recover from an incident after being thrown from the seat at high speed. When you talk about athletes who put their lives on the line every time they go out, few sports come close to MotoGP.

The lower classes

The MotoGP category has the best riders and motorcycles in the world and top sponsors behind their teams.

The chassis and frame of all classes are prototypes, as are all MotoGP and Moto3 engines. The exceptions are Moto2 motorcycles which use production engines.

The Moto3s use a 250 CC, 60 horsepower single-cylinder engine. The Moto2s use a 765cc three-cylinder engine of around 140 horsepower.

MotoGP motorcycles have four cylinders with a maximum displacement of 1000cc, which produces around 250 horsepower. MotoGP is an experimental machine specially designed for their class. They have very few mass-produced parts on them. SBK (Superbike) machines are modified motorcycles that the public can buy in a showroom. Place your bets on the Superbike with bwin today.


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