MotoGp Betting Odds

MotoGp Betting Odds

Bet on the winner of the MotoGP World Championship with bwin Sports Betting!

Explore the odds on our Outright Betting page and showcase your Motor Sport knowledge. We provide a wide range of betting options for individual MotoGP races throughout the calendar year. 

No margin of error when betting on MotoGP

The margins of error are considerably smaller in MotoGP. To put it in context, the area of each tire that comes in contact with the road is roughly the same size as a credit card — not something you want to imagine at over 200 km/h. It means almost hand-to-hand racing and fantastic competition.

Yes, going fast is vital, but precision is what wins a race for a rider: it means maximizing your lean angle. MotoGP sports betting takes many parameters into account to determine the winner of a race.

MotoGP has no team radio and — hallelujah — virtually no pit stops, which results in a much purer and uninterrupted race, with the result more dependent on rider skill than strategy. The only information relayed to the team riders is via a pit board, which they get a momentary glimpse of on the pit straight.

When you're talking about athletes who put their lives on the line every time they go out, few sports come close to MotoGP.

When are MotoGP Races?

The races occur on Sundays as part of race weekends. Riders hit the track for practice rounds either on Thursday or Friday, allowing them to get familiar with the track's twists and turns.

Saturday is dedicated to qualifying, which can be crucial for determining the outcome of a race. It is recommended to wait until the results of qualifying are in before placing bets on the race winner.

Betting on MotoGP 

We don't know about you, but when we watch sports, we like it when exciting things happen. And taking that as the key metric, MotoGP is off the charts on the fun meter. Betting in MotoGP is incredibly indecisive, with different riders winning each race.

Marc Marquez, a MotoGP phenomenon for many seasons, will definitely be the center of attention for the upcoming competition. The Spanish rider has won 6 premier class titles between 2013 and 2019, but he suffers from recurring injuries that prevent him from performing well over a season.

Thus, Joan Mir and Fabio Quartararo have succeeded each other in the last two seasons. Bet on the winner of the 2023 MotoGP World Championship with bwin Sports Betting. 

MotoGP Driver’s Championship 2024 Favourites

The MotoGP Driver's Championship 2024 is expected to be a closely contested race, with defending champion Pecco Bagnaia leading the pack. However, several other riders have the potential to emerge victorious.

Marc Marquez, a six-time world champion, is a strong contender, but his injury struggles in recent years have raised questions about his ability to compete at the highest level.

Fabio Quartararo, the 2021 champion, is eager to reclaim his title, but faces challenges due to Yamaha's lack of power.

Ducati is expected to have an edge in performance, and young rider Bastianini could team up with Bagnaia to create a dominant partnership, though their fierce rivalry could also potentially harm their chances.

Aprilia rider Aleix Espargaro is expected to have a strong season as he was in the championship hunt for a significant portion of the previous year. His consistency will be an added advantage this season since there are twice as many points-paying races, with sprint races at every event.

Types of MotoGP Bets 

Here are some of the most popular MotoGP betting options. This is not a comprehensive list, but these betting markets are usually available on our sports betting site.

-Outright Winner - This is a straightforward bet on the winner of a particular GP.

-Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships - Bets on the championships can include options for outright winners, top 3 finishes, and more.

-Podium Finish - A bet predicting a rider to finish in the top 3 of a race, and this option can also be available for championships.

-Qualifying Bets - Qualifying for a Grand Prix is often just as important as the race, and this is especially true in MotoGP betting. Qualifying bets can typically include options for pole position and sometimes head-to-head, top 3, and other special bets.

-Head-to-Head Bets - These bets pit two or more drivers against each other and predict which one will perform better.

-Fastest Lap - A bet on the rider who will achieve the fastest lap in a race.

How to bet on MotoGP?

MotoGP betting can be challenging without knowledge of the riders. However, certain tactics and techniques employed by punters can increase their chances of striking a substantial win.

-Check the standings - To start, it's important to know who is performing well and who isn't. The MotoGP standings will give you an idea of who is leading the championship and who isn't. For instance, if Marc Marquez is at the top after 8 races, he may be a strong contender for the next MotoGP chequered flag.

-Consider the teams - The rules allow teams to continually improve their bikes throughout the year, and it's common for teams to have different levels of success. Look into the teams that have performed well this season before making a bet.

-Study past years - It's helpful to see if any riders have had a good track record on the particular circuit you're betting on. For example, Spanish riders have done well at the Twin Ring Motegi circuit in Japan over the past decade. Riders tend to perform well on tracks they are familiar with, so keep an eye out for riders who have a history of success on the circuit.

-Monitor the odds - If you're still unsure about who to bet on, the MotoGP betting odds can give you an idea of who is expected to perform well in the race.

Check The bwin News Page For MotoGP Stats, Information, and Predictions

For more information about the MotoGP World Championship, punters can refer to the bwin news page. We update this on a regular basis, offering a diverse amount of information and statistics for upcoming races. bwin Sports Betting also has a team of experts making predictions for the races, keeping bettors in the loop throughout the duration of the Championship!

Of course, you can also follow the action live with our live betting, or view information about other Motorsport bets, such as the Superbikes.


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