Champions League of ice hockey

Created in 2014, the ice hockey Champions League allows the best European ice hockey clubs to test their abilities against opponents they are not used to meeting in their national championships.

The tournament features teams from the top leagues of more than a dozen European countries, with a maximum of 5 teams per country. Make sports bets with bwin.

Betting on Ice Hockey in Europe

Also known as the CHL, the Champions Hockey League is Europe's biggest ice hockey competition, providing the best teams from the most competitive leagues with a common platform on which to fight for the ultimate trophy in European ice hockey.

Europe has become a major supplier of topt ice hockey talent, created by the competitiveness of the current NHL seasons. About one-third of the ice hockey players who participated in at least one championship game were European. From now on, make your ice hockey bets on our online sports betting platform.

Ice Hockey Champions League betting

The Champions League format changes according to the qualification for tournaments for the various national teams. However, the competition in a normal season starts with a phase of 8 groups, each consisting of 4 ice hockey teams.

The four teams in each of the eight groups will battle it out to make the playoffs in the group stage. Each team meets in a two-legged match between September and October over the course of 13 game days. During the group stage draw, teams are seeded in four pools according to the quality of their league and previous results.

The Champions League matches are played on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings with face-offs between 18:00 and 20:35. There will be a total of 96 matches played over six days between September and October.

The teams in each of the groups will compete to qualify for the playoffs of the group stage, with the top two from each group advancing to the Round of 16.

The Round of 16, Quarterfinals and Semifinals are played in a two-game playoff format and are decided on the aggregate score of both legs. Overtime and shootouts are used in the return match if the overall score is tied.

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Overtime is played as 10 minutes of sudden death, 3-on-3. The team that scores the first goal is declared the winner of the series. If no goals are scored, a shootout — 5 shooters per team — will determine who advances to the next round. The 2022 final took place on the 1st of March between Rögle BK of Sweden and Tappara of Finland, with Rögle winning 2-1.

If you tend to follow the action closely, we also recommend placing live bets during ice hockey games and betting on the winner of the game during the shootout.


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