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Of the thirty men's world handball championships held to date, only about ten nations have won the title, with France being the most successful. The men's tournament starts after the female competition, which begins a few weeks earlier. Make your bets on the women's world handball with bwin.

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Handball has a captivating power that has to be witnessed to be fully appreciated

The sport offers bettors a wide variety of bets, including the number of goals scored by each team and a handicap on the winning margin, which is the difference in the number of goals. In a typical handball match, the number of goals scored is between 50 and 60 per match.

Handball is the most popular sport in Europe, and European countries have won all but one medal since the inception of the men's world championships in 1938. The best handball teams and players meet every year in the Champions League. Place your bets on the men's handball Champions League now.

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The World Handball Championships are played every two years in odd years as opposed to the Euro, which is played in even years. Thus, an international handball tournament is held every season.

Half of the 32 places are occupied by the automatically qualified nations, including the host country, the current champions and the top 12 in the ranking established by the federations. Among these twelve nations, the vast majority are teams from Europe, where handball is a popular sport.

The 2023 World Handball Cup will be held in venues in Poland and Sweden.

The tournament is mainly divided into three parts — the first one being the preliminaries in which 32 nations take part between the 11th and 17th of January 2023. The main round matches will be played between the 18th and 23rd. Winners will then proceed to the quarter-finals - the straight knockout phase of the tournament, which starts on the 25th. The semis will be played on the 27th and the final on the 29th.

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With the rapid expansion of handball, many countries are present only for the sake of taking part. Therefore, we recommend betting on strong international handball nations that win with a handicap. Make handball sports bets on our online betting platform.


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