PGA Tour

Golf has a huge potential for expansion when it comes to online sports betting. With about 50 PGA tournaments per season, there are very few weekends when golf bets are not available.

Betting on the PGA golf tour

The PGA Golf Tour season runs from early October through to the end of August, with a break during December. The final three tournaments are reserved for the end-of-season playoffs. Therefore, it is possible to bet on golf for 10 months of the year.

The vast majority of tournaments are held in the United States, including some international tournaments. The season is punctuated by the four major tournaments and the "Players Championship" — a flagship event, in addition to a few "unofficial" tournaments.

Betting on Major Golf Tournaments

Golf tournaments are often held over the weekend. with the four majors of the season taking place in 4 consecutive months between April and July.

The first major tournament is the Masters, played on the second Sunday in April and always on the Augusta National green. Make a bet on the winner of the US Masters on our online sports betting platform.

The second major tournament is the PGA Championship, which is played the weekend before Memorial Day and before the end of May. The US Open starts on the third Sunday of June, or Father's Day in the USA. It is usually the best-endowed tournament. Finally, the fourth major golf tournament is the Open Championship, played on the third Friday in July.

For bettors looking to bet early on the winner, it's vital to identify golfers who are in the running for a big season, which will significantly reduce their odds as we get closer to each of the four major events. A good tip for better odds is to focus on golfers whose ability, potential or rate of progression has been underestimated.

When the top golfers finish at the Open in July, there are nine months to wait before the next opportunity to atone for missed holes. For now, bet on the winner of the Open Championship — the only major golf tournament played in Great Britain.

Recommended Betting on the PGA Tour

There are many opportunities to select bets on a particular golfer.

In addition to betting on the winner of a tournament, a recommended bet on the PGA Tour is to bet on who will finish in the top 5 or 10, which is a safer option, but obviously pays less.

Another recommended bet is to bet on the best player of a certain nationality in the tournament. For example: Who will be the best European, the best Australian or the best American golfer? This is an eye-catching possibility if you know your preferred country well enough.


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