Betting on Golf tournements

Golf is one of the ten most popular sports in the world, with an estimated 450 million fans. The most famous professional golf event is the PGA tour, played mainly in the United States, usually played between September and August of the following year. Place your bets on the PGA tour with bwin.

Golf is one of the few sports where the average person can compete and attempt the same feats as the pros. An average bettor will never play on the Wembley lawn or hit a ball at Roland Garros; however, he could play the 18th hole at Pebble Beach or take an approach shot on the Old Course green.

Golf allows you to bet in comfort

The game of golf has a very relaxing soundtrack with no apparent change in tone or rhythm - just the sound of the occasional hissing of the ball after a swing and polite applause from the audience.

There is no better way to lose track of time than to watch and bet on a sport being played outdoors, in a green setting, surrounded by nature, with little indication of the passage of time. There is no buzzer going off, no fouls, no chants from the crowd, no cries of excitement from the commentator — just the passage of hopefully mild, pleasant, and unremarkable weather.

Golf is like life for many. The sport attracts punters because it has a pleasant and positive atmosphere built into the intense competition of the tournament. And that is what we all want in our daily life.

Advances in technology have made golf betting better

Since the advent of HD television, it is one of the most scenically attractive sports to both watch and bet on. HD and drone technology has made a huge difference to golf visibility by showing super slow motion, hovering over holes, and tracing the flight of the ball.

The game of golf has a set of rules that are almost immutable, with only minor adjustments to reflect changes in equipment and golf course conditions.

Betting on Major Golf Tournaments

There are four major golf tournaments every year. First is The Masters, which is by invitation, on the 2nd Sunday of April in Augusta. Next is the US Open on the 3rd Sunday of June (it still takes place in the USA). Then the British Open on the 3rd Friday in July on a UK coastal course, and finally, the PGA on the 4th Sunday in August.

We can also add the Ryder Cup, a golf team competition between the United States and Europe, which is contested every two years. You can bet on the Ryder Cup on our online betting platform.


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