Monaco GP

The Monaco Grand Prix is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious motor races worldwide, along with the Indianapolis 500 (all Indy Car bets) and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. These three races form a Triple Crown of the world's most famous car races.

Monaco GP F1 Betting

The Monaco Circuit was not designed for modern F1 cars. It may not have even been perfect for cars in the 1950s. But the Monaco Grand Prix has endured thanks to a unique combination of tradition, atmosphere and a historic, demanding circuit.

The Monaco Grand Prix is not only the most glamorous race, but it is also one of the oldest, as the event was first held in 1929. Drivers have to change gear 54 times per lap in Monaco, which means that driver skill is much more relevant than pure technology.

F1 bettors love the romance, tradition and history of the place. Formula 1 drivers love the idea of driving to the limit, knowing that one mistake can ruin a weekend's work (all F1 sports betting).

Betting on the Monaco track

Monaco is a classic track with strong support! There are virtually no straights, but there are several tight turns and intimidating hairpins. Today's F1 cars approach 250 km/h as they flash along the waterfront straight!

Each circuit poses a different challenge, so it is difficult to compare a street circuit like Monaco to something like the Suzuka circuit in Japan. Of the urban races like Singapore, and Baku, the Monaco GP is, without a doubt, the most difficult.

The slowest corner on the F1 calendar is the Fairmont Hairpin at the Monaco Grand Prix. The radius of the corner is so small (about 10 m) that cars can only reach a maximum speed of 14 m/s.

Recommended betting on the Monaco GP

Track position is always key in Formula 1, but even more so where Monaco is concerned. It is almost impossible to overtake, especially when a driver is towards the lower end of the grid. Overtaking has been made more difficult in recent years as cars have become longer, faster and wider.

In 2018, Daniel Ricciardo won the race despite a car with 25% less power only because the Australian started in pole position.

Drivers need a huge speed difference to overtake in Monaco, and one of the easiest ways to produce speed differences is through tyre degradation. Therefore, we recommend analyzing who has better tyre management during practice and the race; make sports bets online with bwin.


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