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ICC Cricket World Cup Betting Odds

According to the mandatory quarantine protocols by the host of the Cricket World Cup, New Zealand stipulates that from now on, every Covid positive player would not be allowed to be part of the ICC Women's Cricket World Cup 2022.

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Betting on the Women's Cricket World Cup 2022

The format of the Women's Cricket World Cup matches is One Day International with 50 overs.

The competition will take place this year in New Zealand, with eight nations all playing each other between March 4 and 27, 2022. With seven matches for each nation, there will be at least one international cricket match to bet on every day. Place your cricket bets with bwin. The two-match times will be 10:00 and 14:00 (UTC+13).

The top four nations will play the semi-finals, and lastly, the finals will be held in Christchurch on April 4, 2022.

Two nations dominate the World Cup

Since the creation of the Women's Cricket World Cup in 1973, only three countries have won the final: Australia with 6 wins is the team to beat. The Australian women have always reached at least the semi-finals of the World Cup.

Then comes England, which has won four world cups, the last one in 2017 at home.

Only one country has managed to break the monopoly of Australia and England, and it is New Zealand who won in 2000. Additionally, in 2000, the New Zealanders had benefitted from local support since the competition was organized in their own country.

Three ways to qualify for the competition

For the participating nations, there are three ways to qualify: either by hosting the competition (New Zealand), through the 2017-2020 ICC Championship result (Australia, England, South Africa and India) or through the ICC World Ranking (Bangladesh, Pakistan and West Indies).

Australia finished the world championship with a near-perfect record of 17 wins from 21 matches. At the end of the competition, only England (1.267), Australia (1.835) and India (0.465) finished with a positive net run rate.

Betting on the Ashes

Before the World Cup starts, Australia and England will face each other for the "Women's Ashes 2022" in Adelaide. This will be an excellent way for the two favourites to test themselves a few weeks before the tournament.

To prepare for the "Ashes", (all bets on the Ashes) the Australians will play with a second team in case the virus hits them. Thus, the starters of this game will avoid any contact and remain separated from the main team, to prepare for a possible call-up for the World Cup.


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