Ultimate Fighting Championship Ratings

The UFC is an MMA organization that engages some of the most skilled martial art fighters in the world. With a roster that includes many of the best male and female MMA fighters worldwide, the Ultimate Fighting Championship is considered one of the biggest organizations in combat sports. Make your bets on combat sports with bwin.

Betting on combat sports

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport that allows for the use of a wide variety of fighting techniques and skills from a mix of other combat sports in competition. The rules allow striking and grappling techniques in both standing and ground positions.

However, not everything is allowed inside the cage. There are still rules about what is illegal. Some of the moves that are either done intentionally or accidentally can cause serious damage to the opponent, so they are prohibited.

The top 10 MMA organizations are Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Bellator MMA, Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB), Fight Nights Global (FNG), ONE Championship, Rizin Fighting Federation (Rizin FF), Invicta FC, Pancrase, M -1 Steel Global and Caged Steel.

Betting on UFC fights

UFC fights are scored based on a mandatory ten-point system. Three judges score each rematch separately, giving 10 points to the rematch winner and 9 or less (8 or 7 - which is rare), depending on a fighter's dominance in a particular rematch. The replay can also go 10-10, but this is also very rare.

Fights can be won in several ways: Knocking out your opponent, by submission, by referee's decision, TKO, forfeit or by points. If the fight manages to go the full distance, the three judges must combine the points they awarded the competitors for each round to determine the winner. If the scores are tied, the match will be declared a draw.

A non-championship UFC fight can go three rounds, while a championship and main event fight go to five rounds. Each round lasts five minutes, with a one-minute break between.

Recommended betting on the Ultimate Fighting Championship

Traditionally, each event begins with a preliminary card followed by the main card, with the final bout known as the main event.

It is considered difficult to continue to succeed in the UFC and be a champion consistently, as this organization is very competitive.

With the underdog only winning 30% of the time, you need an educated opinion on the UFC on your side to reap the rewards of your UFC bets. A recommended bet is to do your research while keeping an eye on the odds of the favourite. Make sports bets on our online sports betting platform.


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