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Watching and betting on MMA is fascinating. Two highly-trained athletes will challenge each other in an octagon to determine the better fighter.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is one of the most ruthless sports, where the slightest individual mistake can dictate the outcome of a fight, making betting unpredictable. Even with the favourites winning the vast majority of fights, the underdogs do tend to dominate in an average of one in four fights.

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Fast-paced, hard-hitting action in the octagon

There's nothing in sports quite like the fast-paced, hard-hitting action of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the most powerful organization in MMA.

Over the years, UFC organizers have put together a show that is truly modern and very well organized. As the UFC grows in popularity, people are placing more and more bets on the main event fights.

These UFC fights offer some of the most entertaining moments and brilliant moves that make this new sport particularly attractive when it comes to sports betting.

The main type of MMA bet

The main type of MMA bet is a bet that a fighter will win — doesn't matter how or when they win. To excel in this type of bet, we suggest assessing the balance of risk and reward accurately.

One of the biggest debates in the MMA betting community is whether it's a good idea to bet on the underdog. While we think you should look at each fight independently, you can learn a lot of information from looking at certain statistics.

However, they don't always give a good overview. Be sure to look at fight sequences and intangibles that could impact the outcome of a fight.

New fighters, constant entertainment

Most of the top fighters in the UFC start in another discipline and learn the other martial arts as they go. This means that they will have a particular skill set that they rely on heavily, which can significantly affect their success and win rate.

Those who progress in boxing, for example, improve their fist strength and distance control. Bet on boxing at our online sports betting site.


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