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Quotes on Heavyweight Boxing

The heavyweight division is the highest category in boxing in which fighters weighing over 200 pounds, or 90.7 kg, compete.

As we enter a crucial period for the division, work out your English boxing bets on our online sports betting platform.

This category is recognized by the sport's four major professional boxing organizations: the International Boxing Federation (IBF), the World Boxing Association (WBA), the World Boxing Council (WBC) and the World Boxing Organization (WBO).

However, English boxing is threatened by MMA and also the multiplication of federations. The noble art has entered into competition with the fights that take place in an octagon. Make UFC bets with bwin online.

Soon a super-heavyweight category

Without delving into the subdivisions, there are three main categories: light, medium, and heavy. Historically, Mike Tyson was 5 feet 10 inches and weighed around 240 pounds when he dominated the category in the 90s. Before him, Mohammed Ali was 6 feet 3 inches and weighed around 236 pounds.

Now, the new generation of boxers are mostly giants, and they also have huge mass, exceeding 265 pounds at the weigh-in. It has become difficult to imagine a regular fight when the two boxers can have a difference of more than ten kilos. In order to put some spectacle back into English boxing, many are hoping that a new category will be created — the super heavyweights for those who weigh over 100kg.

Bet on the heavyweight boxing

The following month, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder wrapped up their rivalry with a stunning bout where both fighters gave it their all. The heavyweight division is alive and well, and it has the potential to get even better in the coming years.

Putting on a fight is sometimes more difficult than expected. This Joshua loss means we probably won't have that long-awaited showdown between Fury and Joshua, as it may not now ever happen. File it under the long list of "fights that didn't happen when they should have."

Recommended heavyweight bets

Between each re-run of a world championship, bettors who are good at keeping score have the opportunity to make live bets.

The favourite heavyweight boxing bet that most bettors are probably familiar with is the winner-bet. This is also sometimes referred to as the "Moneyline bet" and is available to the public as soon as the fight is officially announced. This bet is nothing more than a choice on who you think will win the fight: either by KO, TKO, technical decision, disqualification or on points.


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