Australian Rules Betting Odds

Invented in the 1850s, Australian football, also known as Aussie rules, is a contact sport demanding power and determination. The Australian Football League(AFL) consists of eighteen teams that all struggle to make their way from the regular season to the finals series, all in order to make it to the AFL Grand Finals held in Melbourne Cricket Ground each year. A mix of football and rugby, Australian football has a little bit of everything, and is made more fun with bwin’s Australian football live betting odds. If you enjoy players kicking, catching but also running with the ball, Australian football is the sport for you.

Australian Football betting odds

Not to be confused with rugby, Australian football is played with a rugby ball with a basketball kit on a cricket field. Scoring comes through kicking the ball through the middle poles located on the opponent’s end, and it’s worth six points. The other way to score is through the outside sticks, also called a "behind.", and it’s worth one point. The team with most points - after the end of the four quarters of the game - win. You can also expect plenty of surprising moments on the oven-shaped field such as a player tossing the ball over his head, rough tackles, or a kick from the middle of the court. The championship trophy of the AFL league keeps changing hands the last few years, with Richmond claiming it in 2019, West Coast in 2018, and Western Bulldogs in 2016; that goes to show the league’s intense competition. The most successful teams in AFL history are the Essendon Bombers and the Carlton Blues with 16 titles each, while top players to look out for are 5-time MVP Gary Ablett Jr. of the Geelong Cats, 2019's MVP Patrick Cripps of the Carlton Blues, and 2018’s MVP Tom Mitchell of the Hawthorn Hawks. Australian football is a true sporting spectacle that gives you the chance to watch thirty-six multi-skilled players battle on the field.

Betting on Australian Football

Looking for various Australian football bets? bwin offers you a wide variety of Australian football betting with plenty of exciting betting choices. To start with, you can choose the outright winner of a game or the score at each quarter. If you know your way around Aussie Rules, then pick the team most likely to be relegated. How about guessing the first player to score? Perhaps you can also predict the player to score last. How about something more interesting like choosing the player to be awarded man of the match? You won’t miss any of Australian football’s greatest moments with bwin’s Australian football odds.


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