Formula 1 circuits and Grand Prix calendar
Formula 1, British Grand Prix predictions

Formula 1 circuits and Grand Prix calendar

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Formula 1 circuits

Since the start of the Formula 1 World Championship in 1950, 76 tracks have hosted a Grand Prix race, with Las Vegas set to add to that tally in 2023. Silverstone, the venue for the first Formula 1 GP, has featured on the F1 schedule almost ever since but many former F1 tracks have disappeared from the Grand Prix calendar. With the globalization of Formula One racing, new countries have joined and Asia and Eastern Europe now have their own F1 fixtures.

F1 season

Here you’ll find the proposed 2024 F1 timetable and some interesting facts and figures about each GP circuit.

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F1 race calendar

Bahrain International Circuit (March 2nd):

Bahrain Grand Prix predictions, Formula 1, Bahrain Grand Prix odds
  • Qualifying: 4:00 PM GMT
  • Race: 6:00 PM GMT
  • Circuit: Bahrain International Circuit
  • A Desert Gem: This floodlit track kicks off the season under the bright lights. It’s a curvy challenge with a mix of high-speed sections like the long back straight and tight corners like Turns 1 and 10. Don’t worry about post-race hangovers though, the winner gets treated to a local drink called Waard, a sweet rosewater and pomegranate beverage.
  • Overtaking Battles: While the vast run-off areas provide safety, they also limit overtaking opportunities. Expect strategic tire management and pit stop battles to be crucial.


  1. Max Verstappen – Red Bull Racing
  2. Sergio Perez – Red Bull Racing
  3. Carlos Sainz – Ferrari


Saudi Arabian Grand Prix (March 9th):

  • Qualifying: 6:00 PM GMT
  • Race: 7:00 PM GMT
  • Circuit: Jeddah Corniche Circuit
  • Night Flight: Buckle up for a spectacular night race along the beautiful Jeddah corniche. This fast and flowing street circuit features a mix of high-speed straights, tight corners, and blind turns, making it a real test of driver skill and courage.
  • Wheel-to-Wheel Action: With DRS zones and tight corners, overtaking is definitely on the cards here. Expect drivers to battle it out for position under the floodlights, creating a thrilling spectacle.


  1. Max Verstappen – Red Bull Racing
  2. Sergio Perez– Red Bull Racing
  3. Charles Leclerc – Ferrari


Australian Grand Prix (March 24TH):

Australian Grand Prix predictions, Formula 1, Australian Grand Prix odds
  • Qualifying: 5:00 AM GMT
  • Race: 4:00 PM GMT
  • Circuit: Albert Park Circuit
  • Melbourne Magic: The picturesque Albert Park circuit is a fast and flowing track, but overtaking can be tricky due to a lack of high-speed DRS zones. However, the close proximity to the lake and the passionate Melbourne crowd creates a vibrant atmosphere.
  • Precision is Key: This track demands precision from drivers, especially through the flowing corners and tight chicanes like the Albert Park Loop. Look out for teams with strong car setups to have an edge.

4.Japanese Grand Prix (April 7th):

Japanese Grand Prix predictions, Japanese Grand Prix odds, Formula One
  • Qualifying: 7:00 AM GMT
  • Race: 6:00 AM GMT
  • Circuit: Suzuka Circuit
  • A Driver’s Delight: Suzuka is back on the calendar, and racing fans everywhere are excited! This figure-eight circuit is a true driver’s favourite, known for its fast corners like the iconic 130R, unpredictable weather that can shake up the race, and challenging layout that demands precision and skill behind the wheel.
  • High-Speed Thrills: Get ready for adrenaline-pumping racing through the high-speed Esses and the technical Spoon Curve. Expect a battle for supremacy between the drivers who can best navigate Suzuka’s demanding corners.

Chinese Grand Prix (April 21st):

  • Qualifying: 8:00 AM GMT
  • Race: 8:00 AM GMT
  • Circuit: Shanghai International Circuit
  • The Return of the Dragon: The Shanghai circuit returns in 2024! This track is known for its long straights that allow for high speeds, but also features technical corners that test car balance and driver reflexes.
  • A Test for All: This circuit will be a test for both drivers and engineers. Teams will need to find the perfect balance between downforce for the corners and low drag for the straights. Expect strategic battles and potentially surprising race results.

Miami Grand Prix (May 5th):

  • Qualifying: 9:00 PM GMT
  • Race: 9:00 PM GMT
  • Circuit: Miami International Autodrome
  • Hard Rock Debut: This purpose-built track promises to be a real showstopper, located right next to the Hard Rock Stadium. The circuit design, with its potential overtaking opportunities, could shake up the usual order.
  • Uncertain Battles: With a brand new track, it will be fascinating to see which teams have adapted best during practice. Expect strategic tyre management and a focus on finding the racing line to be crucial for success.

Emilia Romagna Grand Prix (May 19th):

  • Qualifying: 3:00 PM GMT
  • Race: 2:00 PM GMT
  • Circuit: Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari
  • Imola’s Return: This historic track returns in 2024 after a year’s absence. The tight and twisty layout, particularly through the Variante Bassa chicane, will test driver skill and car agility.
  • Close Quarters Combat: Overtaking opportunities here are limited, so expect strategic battles and potentially dramatic pit stop fights. Qualifying well will be key to a strong showing at Imola.

Monaco Grand Prix (May 26th):

Monaco Grand Prix predictions, Monaco Grand Prix odds, Formula 1
  • Qualifying: 3:00 PM GMT
  • Race: 2:00 PM GMT
  • Circuit: Circuit de Monaco
  • The Glamour and the Grind: The jewel in the crown of F1! The streets of Monte Carlo transform into a slow and demanding circuit, where pole position is almost everything. Overtaking is notoriously difficult.
  • Qualifying Prowess: The legendary qualifying session here is a spectacle. Expect teams to push their cars to the absolute limit in the quest for that coveted pole position.

Canadian Grand Prix (June 9th):

  • Qualifying: 9:00 PM GMT
  • Race: 7:00 PM GMT
  • Circuit: Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
  • The Wall of Champions: The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is a true test of courage. Long straights lead into unforgiving walls, making overtaking a high-risk manoeuvre.
  • Precision Under Pressure: Drivers need to be at the top of their game here, balancing the need for speed on the straights with pinpoint accuracy through the chicanes to avoid a costly collision.

Spanish Grand Prix (June 23rd):

  • Qualifying: 3:00 PM GMT
  • Race: 2:00 PM GMT
  • Circuit: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
  • Catalan Catalunya: Aerodynamics take centre stage at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. This fast track with long straights rewards horsepower, but also demands precise car setups for the high-speed corners.
  • Strategic Depth: Expect to see teams playing the long game with tyre strategies and pit stop timing. Patience and calculated risk-taking will be key to success in the Spanish sunshine.

Austrian Grand Prix (June 30th):

  • Qualifying: 3:00 PM GMT
  • Race: 2:00 PM GMT
  • Circuit: Red Bull Ring
  • The Bull’s Ring: Nestled in the beautiful Austrian hills, the Red Bull Ring is a favourite among drivers thanks to its high speeds and thrilling downhill sections. Expect close racing and potential overtaking opportunities.
  • G-Force Frenzy: Hold on tight! The high altitude and fast corners combine to create intense G-forces for the drivers. Physical fitness and precise car control will be crucial for success.

British Grand Prix (July 7th):

Formula 1 circuits, F1 grand prix calendar
  • Qualifying: 3:00 PM GMT
  • Race: 3:00 PM GMT
  • Circuit: Silverstone Circuit
  • The Old Glory: A historic track steeped in F1 tradition, Silverstone will test both car and driver with its high compression forces and fast corners. The passionate British crowd adds to the electric atmosphere.
  • A Flat-Out Fight: Silverstone rewards horsepower and downforce, making it a battle for supremacy between the different car designs. Expect to see some spectacular wheel-to-wheel racing.
  1. Hungarian Grand Prix (July 21st):
  • Qualifying: 3:00 PM GMT
  • Race: 2:00 PM GMT
  • Circuit: Hungaroring
  • The Grind: The Hungaroring is known for its twisty and bumpy layout, a real physical challenge for both drivers and cars. Overtaking is notoriously difficult due to the lack of high-speed straights.
  • Tire Management Mastery: With the track’s demanding nature, tire wear and degradation become a critical factor. Teams that can optimize their tire strategies will have a significant advantage.

Belgian Grand Prix (July 28th):

Belgian Grand Prix predictions, Belgian Grand Prix odds, Formula One
  • Qualifying: 3:00 PM GMT
  • Race: 2:00 PM GMT
  • Circuit: Spa-Francorchamps
  • The Spa Spectacle: Spa-Francorchamps is the longest track on the calendar and a true beast to tame. With its high speeds, challenging corners like Eau Rouge, and unpredictable weather, it’s a favourite among fans and drivers alike.
  • Test of Skill and Strategy: This legendary track demands exceptional skill from drivers to navigate the high-speed corners safely.  Expect teams to make strategic calls regarding tire choices and potential wet-weather setups.
  1. Dutch Grand Prix (August 25th):
  • Qualifying: 2:00 PM GMT
  • Race: 2:00 PM GMT
  • Circuit: Circuit Zandvoort
  • Zandvoort’s Return: Back for another year, Zandvoort promises overtaking battles and a vibrant “Dutch orange fever” atmosphere. This fast and flowing track with banked corners offers opportunities for close racing.
  • Banking on Success: The use of DRS zones and the track’s layout could create exciting battles throughout the race. Expect teams to focus on optimizing car setups for the banked corners to gain an edge.

Italian Grand Prix (September 1st):

Formula 1 circuits, F1 grand prix calendar
  • Qualifying: 3:00 PM GMT
  • Race: 2:00 PM GMT
  • Circuit: Autodromo Nazionale Monza
  • Monza Magic: Monza, the “Temple of Speed,” lives up to its name. Drivers go full throttle for most of the lap, making it the fastest track on the calendar with minimal corners. Expect spectacular racing and passionate tifosi support for the Italian drivers.
  • Qualifying Crucial: With limited overtaking opportunities, qualifying well is essential for a strong showing at Monza. Expect teams to prioritize raw speed and minimal downforce for maximum straight-line performance.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix (September 29th):

  • Qualifying: 1:00 PM GMT
  • Race: 12:00 PM GMT
  • Circuit: Baku City Circuit
  • Baku’s Backstreets: The Baku street circuit offers a mix of fast sections and tight corners, creating unpredictable racing with potential for dramatic incidents.
  • Adaptability is Key: The ever-changing track conditions and potential safety car periods require drivers and teams to be adaptable and ready to react quickly to changing circumstances.

Singapore Grand Prix (September 22nd):

  • Qualifying: 2:00 PM GMT
  • Race: 1:00 PM GMT
  • Circuit: Marina Bay Street Circuit
  • Night Flight in Singapore: The Marina Bay Street Circuit comes alive at night under the floodlights. This slow and twisty circuit with walls lining the track requires exceptional car control and driver skill.
  • Precision in the Dark: The low-light conditions and tight corners demand pinpoint accuracy from drivers. Expect teams to prioritize car setups that excel in slow-speed handling and high downforce.

United States Grand Prix (October 20th):

  • Qualifying: 11:00 PM GMT
  • Race: 8:00 PM GMT
  • Circuit: Circuit of the Americas
  • COTA: Buckle up for a fiesta on this fast and flowing track in Austin, Texas. COTA features a mix of high-speed straights, elevation changes, and technical corners, making it a true test of car and driver.
  • American Spectacle: Expect a passionate American crowd to create a vibrant atmosphere. Look out for potential overtaking opportunities in the DRS zones and battles for track position throughout the race.

Mexican Grand Prix (October 27th):

  • Qualifying: 10:00 PM GMT
  • Race: 8:00 PM GMT
  • Circuit: Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez
  • Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez: High altitude and a long straight leading into a tight stadium section make the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez a unique challenge. Expect a thrilling race with potential for overtaking battles.
  • Stadium Section Drama: The long straight leading into a tight stadium section creates a thrilling climax to the race. Expect potential overtaking battles and strategic tire management to be crucial for success.

Brazilian Grand Prix (November 3rd):

Brazilian Grand Prix predictions, Brazilian Grand Prix odds, Formula One
  • Qualifying: 6:00 PM GMT
  • Race: 5:00 PM GMT
  • Circuit: Autódromo José Carlos Pace
  • Interlagos Intensity: Autódromo José Carlos Pace, also known as Interlagos, is a classic circuit with a bumpy and demanding layout. The unpredictable weather can throw curveballs at drivers, adding to the drama.
  • Sprint Finish Potential: The short back straight and tight corners after the long straight offer potential overtaking opportunities, especially towards the end of the race. Expect a thrilling fight for the checkered flag.

Las Vegas Grand Prix (November 23rd):

  • Qualifying: 6:00 AM GMT
  • Race: 6:00 AM GMT
  • Curcuit: Las Vegas Street Circuit
  • Neon Nights: The inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix promises to be a spectacle under the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip. The purpose-built circuit’s layout details are still under wraps but expect a glamorous and fast-paced race.
  • Unveiling the Unknown: With a brand new track, the first Las Vegas Grand Prix will be a test for everyone. Qualifying well and adapting quickly to the unique challenges will be key to success.

Qatar Grand Prix (December 1st):

  • Qualifying: 5:00 PM GMT
  • Race: 5:00 PM GMT
  • Curcuit: Losail Circuit
  • Losail Serenity: The Circuit is a desert oasis for F1. This fast and flowing track with a mix of high-speed corners and long straights offers opportunities for overtaking and strategic battles.
  • Night Flight Spectacle: Like Singapore and Bahrain, the race takes place under the floodlights, creating a visually stunning backdrop for the on-track action. Expect a thrilling night race under the Qatari sky.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (December 8th):

  • Qualifying: 2:00 PM GMT
  • Race: 1:00 PM GMT
  • Curcuit: Yas Marina Circuit
  • The Farewell: Yas Marina Circuit will host the season finale for the last time in 2024. This track is known for its combination of high-speed sections, technical corners, and a long DRS zone, making it a strategic battleground.
  • Championship Showdown: With the championship potentially still on the line, expect a high-pressure race with intense competition. Precise pit stop strategies and calculated overtaking attempts will be crucial for securing the coveted championship title.
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix predictions, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix odds, Formula One

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