Euro 2024 predictions: bwin’s tournament picks
Euro 2024 predictions: bwin’s tournament picks

Euro 2024 predictions: bwin’s tournament picks

Euro 2024 is right around the corner, kicking off in just over a week, so football fans are getting excited for this summer’s major international tournament.

With the tournament now officially taking next month, bwin has tried to predict the entire bracket for Euro 2024, including scores for each game, starting with Germany’s opening fixture against Scotland in the evening of June 14.

Who’ll make it to the final and who’ll crash out in the tournament, disappointing their fans? bwin has tried to figure it all out.

Euro 2024 predictions

Group A

  • Germany 2-0 Scotland
  • Hungary 2-1 Switzerland
  • Scotland 2-2 Switzerland
  • Germany 2-1 Hungary
  • Switzerland 1-1 Germany
  • Scotland 0-2 Hungary

We have hosts Germany walking out of Group A as the winners, with Hungary on six points as the runner-ups. Switzerland progress to the knockout phase as one of the best third-placed teams, whilst Scotland exit after only picking up one point from a possible nine.

Group B

  • Spain 1-0 Croatia
  • Italy 3-0 Albania
  • Croatia 2-0 Albania
  • Spain 1-1 Italy
  • Albania 0-2 Spain
  • Croatia 1-1 Italy

In Group B, Spain will be unbeaten and progress as group winners, whilst Italy on five points and Croatia on four also move on to the last 16. This is where we say goodbye to Albania, who lost all of their games and failed to score a goal.

Spain national team

Group C

  • Serbia 0-2 England
  • Slovenia 1-1 Denmark
  • Denmark 1-2 England
  • Slovenia 0-1 Serbia
  • England 2-0 Slovenia
  • Denmark 2-1 Serbia

In Group C, tournament favourites England win three out of three and move on to the last 16, joined by both Denmark and Serbia, the latter of whom are one of the best third-placed nations. Slovenia pick up just one point, following a draw against Denmark, and are therefore eliminated,

Group D

  • Poland 1-2 Netherlands
  • Austria 1-2 France
  • Poland 1-2 Austria
  • Netherlands 0-2 France
  • Netherlands 1-1 Austria
  • France 2-0 Poland

A surprise in Group D, as we have France and the in-form Austria taking places one and two respectively, with the Netherlands only making it through as one of the best teams to finish in third place in their group. We predict that Poland will crash out here, failing to register a single point.

Group E

  • Belgium 2-0 Slovakia
  • Romania 1-1 Ukraine
  • Slovakia 0-0 Ukraine
  • Belgium 2-1 Romania
  • Slovakia 1-1 Romania
  • Ukraine 1-2 Belgium

In Group E, we’ve got Belgium topping things as expected, with Romania making it through to the last 16 after picking up two draws and a loss. After also picking up two points, Ukraine don’t make it out of the group through being one of the best-placed reams in third, crashing out of the tournament with Slovakia at this stage.

belgium national team

Group F

  • Turkey 1-0 Georgia
  • Portugal 2-0 Czech Republic
  • Turkey 0-2 Portugal
  • Georgia 1-1 Czech Republic
  • Georgia 0-4 Portugal
  • Czech Republic 1-1 Turkey

The final group sees Portugal progress as winners, scoring eight goals and conceding none. Turkey also make it out on four points, whilst Czech Republic and Georgia say goodbye and are eliminated before the knockout phase.

Round of 16

  • Germany 2-1 Denmark
  • Hungary 2-1 Italy
  • Spain 2-0 Switzerland
  • England 3-2 Netherlands
  • Portugal 2-0 Serbia
  • Austria 1-0 Romania
  • Belgium 0-1 Croatia
  • France 2-0 Turkey

Germany, Spain, France and Portugal make it through to the quarter-finals, beating Denmark, Switzerland, Turkey and Serbia to progress. Austria make it through with a 1-0 win against Romania, whilst England beat the Netherlands 3-2 in a close affair.

The shocks come with Croatia beating Belgium to move on to the final eight, whilst Hungary knock out remaining champions Italy in arguably the shock of the round.

croatia national team


  • Spain 1-2 Germany
  • Portugal 2-1 Austria
  • Croatia 0-2 France
  • England 3-1 Hungary

Austria and Hungary’s dreams end here with losses to Portugal and England respectively, with Germany beating Spain 2-1 and France beating Croatia 2-0 to both make it into the semi-finals.


  • Germany 1-2 Portugal
  • France 1-0 England

Just like at the World Cup two years ago, we have England getting knocked out by France, but this time it comes one round later in the semi-finals. Portugal join Les Blues in the final, beating hosts Germany 2-1 to make it to the final two.

france national team


  • Portugal 0-2 France

The final sees a repeat of the final game of the 2016 tournament, with France getting revenge over Portugal to win this time around, picking up the Euros for the first time since 2000.

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