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Volleyball Betting Odds

Volleyball's popularity has grown significantly in recent years — an estimated 800 million people play Volleyball worldwide. It is also all the rage among punters and is one of the favourites of the main sports during the Summer Olympics. You can make your online sports bets on various sports to increase your excitement when watching a sporting event at bwin.

Volleyball Betting

Professional Volleyball is as easy to understand as the amateur version you may have played. Being an indoor game, this sport is played all year round — yet another reason to bet on Volleyball.

One point is awarded at the end of each rally, and the first team to reach 25 points wins the set. The winner must win three sets. The most common volleyball bets are on the total number of points gained during a match.

National teams are in the spotlight

In Volleyball, matches involving national teams are more prestigious than league matches, something that may differ from what we are used to in other team sports.

In addition to club league matches, Volleyball regularly offers two to three international competitions per year — an excellent opportunity to follow the development and performance of a national team.

Almost every year, several international titles are at stake, including the Nations League, the Olympic Games, Euro Volleyball, the World Championships and the World Cup. Bet on the Men's EuroVolley with bwin.

The best volleyball nations in the world are Brazil and the USA in the Americas, and in Europe, Poland, Russia, Italy, and France regularly reach the finals. You can bet on Volleyball at the Summer Olympics every four years.

Volleyball betting in Europe

The Italian national championship, called the SuperLiga, is particularly competitive. For example, all the volleyball players who play for the French team that just lifted the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, either play or have played in Italy.

At the European level, the top teams also play in the Champions League and the CEV Cup, which brings together all the teams that have won the national cup in their respective countries.

Recommended bets for Volleyball

A popular bet type in Volleyball is which team will win the first set — often the deciding factor in the match's outcome.

There is no possibility of a draw in Volleyball, with the rare exception that the match can be stopped based on the time played. In the rare case of a tie, both teams play a final set to determine the winner. Therefore, for basic betting, there can be only two possibilities for the final result.


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