Table Tennis Betting

Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, table tennis did not stop. It was one of the only sports alongside horse racing and e-sports, that remained available for online sports betting.

Betting on table tennis

Betting on which player will win a head-to-head match is the simplest bet available and one of the most popular wagers too. The odds are often based on the current league standings, but they do, however, take other factors into account.

Since table tennis is not a gruelling physical sport like football or boxing, players tend to accumulate tons of matches throughout their careers. This means that if you are considering betting on a match between established players, there are probably several previous head-to-head matches to consider before placing your bet.

Like any handicap, a handicap in table tennis is a bet that gives you more incentive to put your money on a match that should probably be one-sided. In table tennis, punters can place their bets on a standard handicap of 1.5 games. Generally, a match is played until one player wins three of the five sets.

Style counts in table tennis betting

The dominant hands of the table tennis players play influential roles in their matches. Some right-handed players play very well against left-handed players, while others struggle, and vice versa for left-handed players. Research the players you are considering betting on and check how they play against opponents with opposite and similar hands.

Other aspects may also come into play, such as style. Some ping-pongers are better at defence, while others are superior in attack. In addition, players can use different styles of grip, creating mismatches with their opponents. Research and observe the players, analyze their styles and see if it is likely to impact the outcome of the match.

Table Tennis World Cup Betting

The best table tennis players in the world meet once a year to determine who will lift the most important trophy of the season - the ITTF Table Tennis World Cup. Bet on the TT Cup with bwin. Fan Zhendong has been virtually unbeatable for five seasons in the men's competition.


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