Futsal Odds

Futsal is a football-based sport played on a hard surface with a small indoor field with five players — one of whom is a goalkeeper. The skills emphasized for the ideal futsal player are ball control in small spaces, technique and creativity.

Although there is no official ranking, the two countries that dominate the sport in the women's and men's categories are Brazil and Spain.

The most important national leagues with FIFA rules are Liga Nacional in Spain, Liga Portuguesa, Superliga Rusa in Europe, Liga Brasileira and Campeonato in Argentina for South America.

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Recommended Futsal Betting

Futsal has a special feature — it is an extremely dynamic sport with many goals due to the constant attacking that takes place during a match.

Almost none of the Futsal matches end with a 0-0 score. The size of the playing field and the intensity with which this sport is played make this outcome very unlikely, so it seems logical that the Over/Under market is the preferred market for futsal betting.

Betting on the final result of the match is the most traditional bet and is done in the same way as in football (all football bets).

Bet on Euro Futsal 2022

Currently taking place in the Netherlands, the Euro Futsal will not host an audience. Sixteen selections aspire to win the gold medal. The most successful team by far is Spain, which has won seven times in eleven editions and has never done worse than third place.

Portugal, and its golden generation, is one of the favourite nations since the Lusitanians won the World Cup in 2021 and the last Euro (all Futsal Euro bets) on penalties against Spain.

Bet on Copa America Futsal 2022

From January 29 to February 6, 2022, the Copa America de Futsal will take place in Paraguay. Among the qualified teams, only Argentina and Brazil have won the major competition of the South American continent twice and ten times, respectively. The top two teams from groups A and B meet in the semi-finals.

The competition was cancelled in 2019, and the defending champions are the Brazilians. Argentina has a strong squad with a group that has been a finalist in the last two World Cups.


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