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Futsal is a football-based sport played on a hard surface on a small indoor field with five players — one of whom is a goalkeeper. The skills needed to be an ideal futsal player include ball control in small spaces, good technique and creativity.

How futsal differs from football

Unlike football, futsal is less strenuous on the body. It means that we see many retired football players taking part and excelling in futsal tournaments. However, it seldom works the other way. Futsal stars have had a hard time making the transition to the professional football game.

Futsal is played on every continent of the world in over 100 countries by more than 12 million players. Make online sports bets on all types of sports with bwin.

Recommended betting on Futsal

Futsal has a particular attraction. It is an extremely dynamic sport with many goals due to the constant attacking that takes place during a match.

Almost none of the matches end with a 0-0 score. The size of the playing field and the intensity with which this sport is played make no-score draws very unlikely, so it is only logical that the Over/Under market is the preferred market for futsal betting.

Betting on the final result of the match is the most traditional wager and is done in the same way as in football. Make your football bets on our online sports betting platform.

Betting on indoor football

Initially, indoor football was designed to be played in areas where football fields were not readily available. Therefore, it is not as popular in the developed countries of Europe as it is in Latin America.

Although there are no official rankings, the two countries that dominate futsal in both the women's and men's categories are Brazil and Spain.

The most important national championships operating under FIFA rules are the Liga Nacional in Spain, the Liga Portuguesa, the Superliga Rusa in Europe, the Liga Brasileira and the Campeonato in Argentina in South America.

Every two years, the Euro Futsal competition takes place, and in the last ten editions, only three countries have lifted the trophy: Portugal, Spain and Italy. Throughout the qualifying matches, the group stages and the knockout games, place your bets on the European Futsal Euro platform.


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