Spanish GP

Spain has one of the best Grand Prix in Europe in terms of spectacle (all f1 sports betting).

Formula 1 is the highest level of single-seater motor racing you can get and has huge investments and legions of punters from almost every country. With famous drivers and iconic teams, Formula 1 is more than just watching cars race around a track. It's an institution. Make sports bets online with bwin.

Apart from the usual excitement of wheel-to-wheel racing, the controversies, and the rivalries, the main reasons why people enjoy watching F1 are the technology and the teamwork that goes with it. That's what sets F1 apart from other forms of motorsport. That's why F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport.

Betting on the Spanish GP in F1

The majority of teams visit the Spanish circuit of Barcelona-Catalunya each season for pre-season testing. Formula 1 cars are the fastest cars around a race track in the world, due to the very high cornering speeds achieved by generating large amounts of aerodynamic downforce.

For Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz Jr., this is home ground.

The technical characteristics of the Barcelona circuit mean that the teams are opting for a medium-high downforce configuration. This will put a strain on the tyres, especially at Turn 3 — a particularly long right-hander.

Betting on the Barcelona-Catalunya circuit

Catalunya is a high downforce track, starting with a 564m straight to the first corner. About 45 speed passes later, the drivers will have completed two very fast sectors followed by a tight finish that requires precision.

The Barcelona-Catalunya circuit has 16 corners and a distance of 4.655 km.

Recommended bets on the GP of Spain

The Barcelona-Catalunya circuit is a good mix of high and low-speed corners, with the challenging Turn 3 on the right, a great opportunity to assess the balance of the car that the engineers have been working with to fight for the top spots for the season.

A recommended bet is to bet on Formula 1 cars with good balance. We also recommend making live bets during the race.


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