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The Academy Awards are American film awards that have been presented annually since 1929 in Los Angeles. Make bets on entertainment on our online betting platform.

It is Hollywood's most prestigious artistic award in the film industry. Over 3,000 Oscar statuettes have been awarded since the ceremony's inception in 1929. The statuettes are the international recognition of excellence in cinematic achievement.

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Short lists of films vying for nominations in the categories are released in late December. The actual nominations are announced in early February, and the presentation ceremony takes place in the middle of March.

According to the Academy, almost ten thousand members voted for the nominations with ballots from nearly 80 countries. The Academy membership process is by sponsorship, not nomination. Nominees must be sponsored by two Academy members from the branch to which the nominee wishes to be admitted.

The Academy Awards ceremony is the biggest night in Hollywood, and for decades, it was one of the most-watched television events each year. For the past few years, eight of the 23 minor awards are given out before the televised start of the ceremony. Make live bets with bwin.

Recommended betting on the Oscars

Unlike sports betting, betting for Oscar winners is not based on past performance, and there is no solid way to know which film or performer will capitalize on the "Oscar buzz" that hits the general public about a month before the show.

When you make a bet on the Oscars, you will be fascinated by Hollywood, the glamour, and seeing stars in a few, rare, semi-unscripted moments. This is also an opportunity to bet on other film ceremonies, such as betting on the BAFTAs — academy awards for British films.

The other three major annual American entertainment awards are — the Emmy Awards for television, the Tony Awards for theatre and the Grammy Awards for music.

Betting on the best film

This award goes to the film producers and is the only category in which every member of the Oscars is eligible to submit a nomination and vote on the final ballot. The Best Picture category is usually the final award of the night and is widely considered the most prestigious award of the ceremony.

For Best Picture, and with the emergence of streaming platforms, the nominations now include films from Netflix, Apple TV + and Amazon in addition to the majors of the film industry.


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